My Sunday Routine

Besides running behind the two girls, and some small errands, Sundays are days to be lazy. My weekdays can get really hectic wherein its starts with a whole lot of alarms and routines. So Sundays are days when there is no alarm, no rule and when I can do as I want when I want. Getting to wake up without rushing for the weekday school run, its gives me extra time for a lie in. It’s usually chatting or face timing my family back home. Going thru Instagram or just planning my day ahead.

Straight after breakfast, I get my hair routine out of the way, as I prefer to give these hair products enough time to do its job while I get other things done for the day. Followed by a skin care routine, which sadly I don’t get to do much during the week, so I take my time to treat my skin well. While I apply a facemask, I sip on some tea, watch a movie and paint my nails. After this bit of a pamper session in the morning, it’s then time with the girls.

Hair: This is the only day I can actually put my hair up in a bun and let it soak in the goodness of either a hair oil or a leave in conditioner. Most Sundays it’s a hot oil message followed by a shampoo and leave in conditioner. My routine with this is to leave the oil in my hair for about an hour or two. Shampoo my hair twice to get all the oil out and then apply my Palmer Coconut Oil co-wash which I use as a leave-in conditioner for an hour. Then go have my shower and rinse out my hair for soft , clean and well-moisturised hair.

Face: I love face mask. If you love beauty and social media you would have seen the Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask doing the rounds. An ultra thin tissue which is infused with a whole lot of goodness for your skin. (Review Coming Soon) It’s always best to cleanse and exfoliate before applying a facemask. These two steps help your skin soak in all the benefits of the facemask without any dirt or build up that could be on your skin.

Nails: Taking care of my nails is really important. My nails don’t grow very long, as they start to chip after a certain length. To avoid that from happening I clip and shape them to keep them looking maintained. Back to a favourite, my choice for today was the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Black Cherry. A nail colour that isn’t such beautiful but also long lasting. More on Black Cherry here.

Television: The busy weeks leave no time for TV. Sundays are when I get to catch up on what I have missed out or watch something new. Coming from India I love my Bollywood. So a good Bollywood movie on a Sundays is the cherry on the cake. If there isn’t any movie on TV, it’s then my second option which is either Youtube or Netflix.

Time With The Girls: Sunday mornings with the girls always starts with a big breakfast and Peppa Pig. Along with pampering my hair on Sundays, my girls get theirs too. Thou the girls aren’t  too keen on hair oil, I try to make it fun and pretend we having a girls hair spa day. Which they really enjoy. Then its times to complete homework, watch a movie or dance around to the latest numbers. Having an afternoon nap with them is becoming a Sunday habit. It when we get to cuddle , snore and have a well-needed rest.

The remaining bit of my day just goes with the flow.

What is your Sunday Routine?

Take care


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7 comments on “My Sunday Routine

  1. This sounds like such a lovely Sunday! I bet the girls love this Sunday tradition. I also did some pampering today and then went for a walk and to a street food market. Love cozy Sundays 🙂

    Nadine Cathleen

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