4 Daily Beauty Routines To Start Today

With life beings so hectic, taking care of yourselves can take a back seat. Keeping it simple is always the best way forward. For the last month, I have been following four daily routines that hardly take any time at all, yet bring with it a lot of benefits. From getting beautiful thicker brows to super soft feet. Using products you possibly already have at home.

Eyebrows: Being an Indian girl, sadly I am not blessed with naturally thick eyebrows or long lashes. As a child, my mum always applied Castor Oil on my hair as I had very thin hair growing up. Keeping that in mind this is my trick for thicker eyebrows and eyelashes. I use to do this every now and then but for  last month, it’s been my daily routine before I go to bed. An old mascara wand and some castor oil are all you need. Once applied to my eyelashes and eyebrows, with the tip of my ring finger I gently massage the oil and leave it on overnight.

Oral Hygiene : Have you heard or read about oil pulling? If you haven’t let me tell u a little about it and why you need to do this daily. Oil Pulling is a routine of swishing a tablespoon of oil in your mouth before you brush your teeth for around 10-20 minutes. The oil draws out all of the toxins in your body to improve oral health. Taking care of gum problems and bad breath. There are even health benefits from doing just this. The reason for this to be done on an empty stomach and before brushing your teeth is so, that the oil can draw out every bit of toxins and bacteria before you swallow any of it while brushing your teeth or eating. Not only this, but oil pulling also helps whiten your teeth. For this routine, I use coconut oil.

Body : In the beauty world we all read about exfoliation of your face, for smooth skin, removing dead skin and blood circulation which helps in getting a healthy glowing skin. If we can do this for your face why not the body? This is when Dry Body Brushing comes in. Before having a shower take a body brush and on dry skin , starting from your feet going up to your chest ( which is best for blood circulation) you brush your body in circular movements which help to remove dead skin, giving you smoother and brighter skin. It helps get rid of ingrown hair and helps reduce cellulite. It takes just about two minutes of your time. This is my favourite routine amongst the four mentioned. I got my body brush from Sainsbury’s, but you can get them anywhere in store or online. In store, I found them at The Body Shop and online at Amazon.

Feet: Winter is here, which means dry hands and dry feet. After a long day of walking, your feet need that much-deserved pampering. The feet are generally the most neglected part of the body. To show your dry feet some love all you will require is some vaseline or coconut oil. You could soak your feet in some warm water and exfoliate using a pumice stone (optional for a daily routine), wash your feet clean and then apply a thin layer of vaseline or coconut oil and put on a pair of clean socks. This will give your soft and well-moisturised feet. If you have cracked feet, this could eventually help cure it if done regularly.

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These are some of my daily routines lately. Do you have any that isn’t mentioned here? Let me know in the comments.

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16 comments on “4 Daily Beauty Routines To Start Today

    1. Hi Jessica, thank u for reading my post and I am glad u like it. Saying having a daily routine is really nice, I look forward to it. I have read about the Clarisonic but never given it a try .

    1. Hi Shi, thank u for reading my post. Yes swishing oil in your mouth is called oil pulling. The oil is used to pull out all the toxins out of your mouth hence called oil pulling. If u swallow the oil u would not be caused any harm as coconut oil is natural and I’d used fir cooking so it is a safe oil. But if u swallow the oil u are swallowing all the toxins. I have once by mistake swallowed the oil as I was too sleepy to realise what I was doing. If u are not use to the taste of coconut oil it’s disgusting and even more disgusting when u realise u have swallow a while lots of germs and toxins hahaha

    1. Thank u Beth for reading my post. I love how my skin feels after body exfoliating. Before I did that my skin would feel rough when having a bath or just moisturising but now it just feels so soft. Do u dry body brush?

    1. Hi Shannon, thank u for replying. I have a cousin named Shannon 😊 coconut oil on your feet before bed is such a great routine to try. Your feet feel so good when u wake up.

    1. Hi Allie, thank u for reading my blog. Yes please do take are we all get so busy with day to day life it’s easy to let yourself go without taking care of yourself . Try and take some time out. U will feel so good about it.

    1. Hi Rachel, thank u for reading this post. I would suggest starting with one or two things to begin with and then u will automatically add in some extras and enjoy your routine.

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