NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream : REVIEW

You have probably read a lot of reviews and watched loads of videos on this product. I have too and wanted to try it so bad. Unfortunately, it wasn’t easily available in the UK for a while. Eventually, when it did come to the UK, it took ages to start at a store near me. If you are anything like me, you would know shopping for makeup online isn’t for everybody. I prefer to swatch the colour at the back of my hand and see what it looks like. Buying online isn’t for me. Out of nowhere last week, while walking around Boots, I jumped with excitement to see the NYX Cosmetics counter. Being such a well-rated brand 70% of the counter was sold out.

At this time my excitement took over and I went completely blank. Not knowing what to pick as my first purchase I kind of picked whatever was in front of me, at the moment I am into lip products, and love matte lip products.  With the Soft Matte Lip Creams being such a craze I had to get one. The other product I got is the Angel Food Cake Butter Gloss.

Today I want to talk to you about Cannes Soft Matte Lip Cream (SMLC 19). Me being me, I had to try it on as I got home. An hour later I was off to go get my daughter from school, and completely forgot I had it on. As my 5 year old saw me, she goes ‘oh mummy, I love that lipstick. It’s so pretty‘ . If my daughter says its beautiful, then there is no doubt it is beautiful. Got home, did the usual, seeing to the girl’s lunch, had my cup of tea, did my house cleaning , completely forgotten again (it was a Friday, I just wanted to get everything over and done with so I could have my pamper night) I had Cannes on my lips. Finally got the time to do my Pamper Routine and noticed Cannes and went WOW. This is still on my lips!! This was all over 6 hours and still looked as if it was just applied. A bit of my day routine had to be thrown in, to tell you how well this lasted on my lips.


Cannes is the most gorgeous colour I have till date. If you don’t know already it’s a Matte Lip Cream. In case you’re wondering how does Matte and Cream work as a team? Isn’t matte suppose to be dry? Well my friend, if all matte lip product  were this formula, you wouldn’t need to follow that painful routine of moisture-exfoliate-moisture before application. The formula of the SMLC  is creamy in texture.  These are not the typical matte lip products that either dry your lips out completely or eventually start drying your lips. This feels moisturised on the lips. You know the thing we do with our lips when applying a lip product, stick your lips together thing? Your lips won’t stick or feel hard and dry with SMLC on. SMLC is also very long wearing. This can easily last you 5 to 6 hours without it wiping off. The colour is absolutely gorgeous, it compliments my skin tone really well. I am so glad I picked this as my first shade. The pigmentation is really good. Applies on so smoothly and just feels amazing on the lips. Definitely a favourite moment. If you havent given these lip creams a try yet, i suggest you do and see how good they are. Now me for to build on my collection of these gorgeous lip creams.

Have you tried these yet? Knowing your favourites could help me pick my next one.


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    1. ahhhh i am goign to add on to that temptation. You need to give this a try. start with just one, you wont be dissappoointed, will be a weel desrved addition to your collection 🙂

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