Irresistible Me Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush :REVIEW

When it comes to hairstyles I am rather boring. I am not the one that you would see with different hairstyles. It’s either straightened, left natural or in a ponytail. Yes, that boring. I love curly, and wavy hair, but can never get it right. So sticking to basics works best for me. When it comes to straightening my hair, on most days I don’t like the pin straight hair, as It makes my face look very long and it looks too flat for me. I prefer straight hair with volume. Yes, there are millions of ways to do this, and a whole lot of videos on youtube showing u how to achieve straight hair with volume using a hair straightening iron. Now me being me, I want something done quick, easy and not where it takes me a long time to achieve a certain look. With my two bubba’s needing all my attention, I do not have time to sit and take half an hour to an hour just to do my hair.

When I was contacted by Irresistible Me to try out the Jade Hair Straightening Brush,  I was really curious about this product. I hadn’t heard of a straightening brush before (where was I hiding) Looking into their website, I liked the fact that it was a brush and straightener all in one. When straightening my hair using a hair iron, I use a brush/comb to hold onto my hair while I straighten it, it helps get every strand of hair without any knots that lead to bumps in the hair. So seeing this, meant life made easy for me.

The Jade Hair Straightening Brush is a Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Straightener  , which leaves u with straight hair without much heat damaged caused to your hair. It comes in a pretty black box, that is pretty sturdy. The inside cover of the box comes with the product features. These features include Ceramic Technology, Fast Heat Up, Microprocessor Control, Auto Shut Off, Universal Voltage, LCD Digital Display, Max Temperature of 230°C/350°F, Anti-Scald Teeth, Temperature Control, Perfect Bristle Distance, No Hair Damage, Ergonomic Design, 360° Cord, 8ft Power Cord, Light Weight Tool and 40 watt.

When I opened the box, the first thing I fell in love with is the colour of the brush. A gorgeous green. The LCD is really helpful, as you know exactly how much of heat you are applying to your hair. The 360° degree cord makes it so much more easy to move the brush around without getting entangled in it. The tip of the bristles and the outer row of teeth are anti-scald so it prevents you from burning your scalp if you do touch your scalp with the brush. I wouldn’t advise you to do so at any cost, but accidently if it does, it doesn’t burn you.

Like any hair styling tool, use this on dry hair. Brush your hair in sections, while making sure your hair touches the Ceramic tourmaline coating, which is what helps with the straightening process. The Jade Hair Straightening Brush gives you more of a natural straight hair look rather than pin straight hair. It adds volume to your hair and leaves a nice shine. Using this brush you need to brush your hair gently giving your hair time to straighten with the ceramic coating. If you brush your hair in sections like you would with a normal hair brush it could take a few strokes before you see results, but if you do it in a slower motion, you will see results in the first brush itself. This even tames the frizz in my hair. What I really like about this is that, when I use it close to my roots , it does not break my hair or cause the baby new hair to stick out like a porcupine. It rather gives a sleek lift to the hair. Just one thing that makes it difficult to use would be for the tips of your hair. Because you need to hold your hair while brushing, so it has more contact with the ceramic coating, the tips of your hair don’t get as much heat as possible since you can’t hold it while you brush it. So the tips of your hair aren’t as straight as the rest of your hair.

Befor & After using the brush

Overall, this brush gets my hair done much quicker than a hair iron. Leaves my hair looking naturally straight without any broken hair or static. With the brush being an American product, you will need to buy an adapter for it. I got mine from Amazon *. I also found them at boots .  Originally the brush cost $69, however, Irresistible Me is having a Halloween sale at the moment, so the brush cost $48, saving you $21. According to the currency converter, it costs £40.14 saving you £17.19.

Have you used a hair straightening brush ? Would like to know what are your thoughts on it.



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14 comments on “Irresistible Me Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush :REVIEW

  1. Oh! Great product and review. I am pretty “boring” with my hair too! Straight or pony tail all the way 🙂 This seems like it would be a quicker way to get in and out in the mornings! Love the colour of it as well.

    1. If you looking for quick and easy, then this is it. Works great for morning cause it just takes half the amount of time. you get to brush and straighten your hair all in one go.

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