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Hello, and welcome to my newly designed blog. Lalachicuk has finally got its own domain and website. I am super excited about this change. It did take me a bit of time to get this transfer done as I did this all by myself with the help of a great video on youtube (link video) and it got transferred in 10 minutes however the pictures from my blog did not get transferred, due to which I had to redo it with a few changes to get my pictures transferred to. That alone took 2 days to transfer, which seemed never ending. Finally managed to get my picture transfer, then realized my blog post were transferred twice, so I had to then delete one of each. Which was a pain really. Now that my blog is back up again, I have lost all my bloglovin followers, which I am so sad about. Not wanting to keep away from blogging any further I have decided to continue with my blog post while I work on the other few bits that need to be sorted. I honestly wasn’t wanting to blog till the site was perfect but that is taking a while, which is why I have not been blogging for about two weeks. So please be patient with me as I correct few things on the site. That’s the little update that has been going with me with me and this blog.

Coming back to today’s post. Something I haven’t spoken about in a while, yet been giving more attention to lately. Haircare. Today I want to talk about the hair care products I have been using lately and Loving so much. I have switched to a more natural product that doesn’t have the usual chemicals in it. A shampoo, conditioner and a co-wash. For shampoo, I have been using the Ginger shampoo from the body shop. Have been using this for about a year now. the coconut condition for dry hair from Yes, and Co-Wash by Palmers

Ginger Shampoo

I have been using this shampoo for about a year, or even longer than that. You will find a full review of this here. The Ginger shampoo is great for dry, flake, irritable scalp. This is such a gentle shampoo, that does great for these problems. Having ginger in it, you would expect a strong smell of ginger, but thankfully it doesn’t. In fact, it smells really great. Whenever I struggle with a dry flaky scalp, this is what helps in clearing and soothing my scalp. It even leaves my hair feeling soft. When struggling with dry flaky scalps, this Ginger shampoo helps keep my scalp flake free for good 3-4 days.

Yes to Coconut Ultra Moisture Conditioner

A few months ago is when I switched to a more natural conditioner. Started off with the banana conditioner from The Body Shop, but it didn’t do well with me. It just wasn’t for me, it knotted my hair very badly. In the struggle to get rid of it, I read about the Yes hair care products. Coconut oil being my complete favorite, the Coconut range just had to be my first buy. This smells beautiful. The consistency is very thin, compare to the ones I have used in the past, so I do tend to use a little extra. Besides the consistency, the conditioner leaves my hair feeling so so soft. It makes my hair less frizzy and much more manageable. This conditioner is 97% natural and Paraben free.

Palmers Co-Wash

Palmers co-wash was an unintentional purchase. I had run off conditioner and in a rush picked this up seeing coconut oil formula on it  and being a PalPalmer’soduct I grabbed it knowing it would be brilliant. It’s when I got down to using it that I realized it was a Co-Wash. I had read a lot about Co-Wash but had never given it a go. So was excited to see I got this. Co-Wash is replacing your shampoo for conditioner .So you are cleansing your scalp with a conditioner. I love this product. Since using it, I have read it doesn’t agree with some and loved by quite a lot. For me, it works really well. This can be used as a leave-in mask for your hair too, but I only use it on my scalp once a week. To use this, u need as many pumps as possible (depending on your hair) and massage it into the scalp and leave on for as long as you would. I keep it on for about half and hour to an hour. and wash off. I use this once a week. When using this, I do not use a shampoo, as this works like a deep cleanse for my scalp.

Let me know if you have used any of these and what are your thoughts on them.



Ginger Anti Dandruff Shampoo / Yes to Coconut Conditioner / Palmer’s Coconut Co-Wash *

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16 comments on “Hair Care Favourites

  1. I like coconut products but the healthy ones for ones bodies…for nourishments purposes.
    I don’t like coconut fragrances/perfumes and or candle scent. It’s just not my thing. I have used coconut shampoo & conditioner and I LOVED it! I haven’t used ginger shampoo. I literally LOVE ginger. I put ginger in my food for seasoning and drink ginger tea. Definitely will do research on that one. =)

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