6 Things I Loved In September

We at the end of the 9th month already. Doesn’t even make sense anymore to say ‘this year is going by too quick’ because I barely say it and we even closer to the end of the year. Christmas in 2 months, wow that feels scary thinking of it. I feel out of all the months gone by September really didn’t hang around too long. With the end of another month comes along some favourites of the month. I will be honest I don’t always have favourites at the end of each month. I always wonder how do people have so many favourites at the end of every month. So you wouldn’t find many favourite posts on my blog, saying that I do have my months when quite a few products, things, items that get some extra attention from me, like this month. There were 6 things that kept me going this month  
Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser 
I’ve had this for a long time now. When I got it, it’s all I would use, till I got the Benefit Cosmetics Porefessional. However, this month while looking for the porefessional I found the Tea Tree Pore Minimiser and remembered how much I loved this product. Decided to use it again and have not loved it any less. Tea tree as we all know works brilliantly well for oily skin. Having oily skin myself, this really works well for me. My pores are not huge or big , they just normal looking pores, which don’t bother me at all, but on days when I apply foundation having open pores make a huge difference in how your foundation looks. Having the minimizer really helps in making them looking smaller and smoother. I do sense a slight tingle when applying this, which dies out in about few seconds.  If you are looking for a reasonably priced pore minimizer/ primer I would suggest u try this. Since it also works as a primer, according to the packaging it says instantly mattifies. I would’nt really agree on the mattifying bit, as it does a wee bit but nothing major with mattifying. But Yes it does minimise your pores really well. 
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (SMLC)
Oh My God, this product is to die for. No seriously the BEST lip product I have ever used. NYX has been available to the UK for a while now, online and at some of the Boots stores. Sadly it wasn’t available at any of the boots stores I had been visiting. No matter how much I want to, I don’t  buy makeup online as I prefer to swatch it (if possible) before I buy it. Plus don’t have the patience to wait for delivery. Last week while walking around boots (had NO plans on buying makeup) to my surprise there was an NYX counter. How could I walk away empty handed, after hearing such great reviews on this product? Had this for a week now and haven’t stopped wearing it since. The shade, formula, how long lasting it is, is all just brilliant.  Saving more reasons why I like it for a full review on it. At the moment I have shade SMLC19 Cannes. 
PS. Strobe Shimmer Block 
By no means is this the best highlight product doing the rounds. It isn’t as pigmented as many would like it. For me, it does right. I don’t like the overpowering highlight game. Love seeing it on other, and envy how gorgeous they look, but for myself, I prefer the peek-a-boo highlight that can just about be seen. Sounds strange for sure, but that’s how I prefer my highlight. For that, this little palette does me right. A small swirl around with my brush and it picks up just the right amount. Works even well as a light eyeshadow and eyebrow highlight.
Blush Jumper
If you are looking for jumpers , you really need to check Primark for that. Would you have guessed I paid £5 for this amazing jumper? It is the softest one I have ever owned. It has a light layer of fleece on the inside, which keeps me so warm and cosy. The overall feel of this jumper is amazingly soft. It’s extremely comfortable. This colour is just so beautiful too. Love love loves it. 
Copper Candle Lantern 
Who doesn’t love a bit of copper in their life? I am still not sure where I got this from, just can’t remember. I do know I was at B&M this month, so probably from there, but can’t promise. Cost me £2.99 . This currently sits on my dressing table as my ring holder. It’s just so beautiful.
Camomile Tea
Anybody that knows me, will tell you how much I love my tea. Coming from a country that loves its chai, and never needs a reason to have it, is what got me to try this out. This is my night time tea. It says it’s a calming, naturally free from caffeine. Just been enjoying this every night before I get to bed. It, not a typical chai we have back home with milk and sugar. It’s just plain milk free tea.
These were my few of my top picks for the month. Have you tried any of the above? What are your favourites for the month of  September? 
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