The Lip Combo – Addiction With Birthday Suit

We are at this day and time where Beauty lovers are crazy about Matte lipsticks or liquid matte lip kits. Having a long wearing Matte Lip can get quite difficult. Either its way to drying or it just isn’t matte enough.  I have always loved Matte lip colours. My favourite has been Birthday Suit by Sleek Makeup.
Birthday Suit is a goregous nude brown, a colour I fell in love with from day one, yet found it difficult to wear. It can get very drying. That alone puts me off any lipstick. Being such a gorgeous colour, I refused to let it sit in a draw and not be used. Also being a nude shade, I just can’t let it go by, as you can see in this post I love my nude shades. I knew I had to make it work. It also tends to disappear pretty fast around the area where the lips meet. You must be wondering how come I am raving about this even thou all I have mentioned is negative points so far. Well, it’s just a product that looks so beautiful and complements my skin tone so well, that I am willing to put aside these points.  No matter how gorgeous and in-trend Liquid Matte Lipsticks are, I do not own many. In my collection, you will find only two.
 Few tricks I have come to learn from using Liquid lipsticks is exfoliation and a Lipliner. After watching a countless number of videos and reading blog post, I have finally learnt that Exfoliated lips, a Lip liner and Liquid Matte Lipstik are the way forward. This is where the Lipliner I have been LOVING comes in. Addiction 018 by Rimmel London. After using some vaseline and sugar with the help of a toothbrush, a slight exfoliation makes such a huge difference.
Addiction and Birthday Suit just blend in well together.  While lining my lips, I also try to follow the Instagram-liquid-lipstick-lining rules by filling in my lips with liner and then apply the liquid lipstick. This trick really keeps Birthday Suit sit so pretty on my lips. Besides the school run, you would find me in this lip combo on most days. Can easily be worn for day, night or any special occasion. I have also read that Birthday Suit is a dupe for Kylie Jenner lip kit in shade  Candy K. This is what I have read, do not take my word for granted as I do not own Kylie Jenner Lip Kits so don’t know for sure.
You see why I love this lip combo so much. Isn’t it just gorgeous. Let me know what are your favourite liquid lipsticks/ kits.
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As You Start & End Your Day, Be Thankful For Every Little Thing In Your Life. You Will Come To Realise How Blessed You Truly Are. 

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