Today I wanted to talk about a hair product I have a Love /Hate relationship with. It’s a scalp treatment I have been using for a while now, Superbalm scalp treatment from Lush.

A little about my hair and what made me try out this product. My hair is really dry and dull with a really dry scalp. Most times it doesn’t get flaky, but its so dry , that my scalp hurts. Oils help, but I was looking for more. Was looking for a treatment that would actually deal with this problem. When I use heat on my hair (which I haven’t for 2 months now – woohoo) my scalp goes crazy dry and becomes a bag of flakes, which is so disgusting. I hate it. On one of my visits to Lush, looking for some help, I was advised on trying out Superbalm, since it is a scalp treatment.
picture was taken from lush haul post
As the name says this is a balm textured scalp treatment. It comes in a tin with a twist top. It is packed with amazing ingredients like Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Candelilla Wax, Lavender Oil, and Rose Absolute . I had never tried any product as such as this, besides coconut oil which is solid during cold temperatures. Being balm in texture, you take some of the product and rub it between your finger to warm up the product and help it melt, then massage into our scalp. I usually apply it all over my scalp. To be honest, the application process was quite annoying. Even after it melts on your fingers it still doesn’t move around as easy as an oil would when applied. So you end up using a lot of the balm, rather than little going a long way. I tried to take a bit and warm it in the microwave thinking it would make it easier to use, but its was the worst thing I could do. So don’t try that. If this gets onto your hair, it can be tricky to get off. A couple of washes will do the trick, but it gets annoying. The smell did put me off when I first tried it, but now I am used to it, and it doesn’t bother me that much.
Picture was taken from lush haul post
Now my reason on why I love Superbalm. From the first wash itself, I have noticed a big difference in a clearer , flake-free scalp. My scalp doesn’t feel dry as it used to before I tried the Superbalm. Superbalm not only treats dry itchy scalp but also clear your scalp from build up. After using this, my scalp feels clean. My hairline no more has that white streak after using this. Now since using super balm, my scalp feels less sensitive. I don’t use this all the time, but definitely, treat my scalp with my Superbalm once in two weeks, so if there are any issues I can’t see, Superbalm is there to the rescue. Besides the application process, this is an excellent treatment for your scalp. 
The product has melted a bit, hence the difference in texture.

Have you tried Superbalm? Do you like it?


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