New Season New Nail Colours

If you have read my Summer Nails post, you would know how obsessed I am with nail varnishes . Now we in a new season, which means new nail colours. I don’t have many dark nail colours. These are the two that I have, and having these two I don’t feel the need for any other colour. From now till next summer, you are mostly likely to see me in just these two colours. That says how much I love them. The two shades I have here are Red Wine and Black Cherry. 
Black Cherry is a gorgeous shade as you can see. As the name suggest it is a very dark shade of cherry. Being from the Gelly Hi Shine collection, this shade (and the rest of the collection) gives you salon-like gel nails look, with a beautiful shine finish. Its just looks flawless. 
Red is a colour i fear, be in red lips, red nails or a red outfit. I only own one red lip colour All Fired Up and one red nail colour Red Wine. Red Wine was actually a trial colour which i fell in love with from the very first application. Not a red that blinds you and not a red that doesnt look like red.  I love the glossy shine it has, just makes it look so so perfect.

 Red wine is more long lasting that Black Cherry. Black Cherry if worn without a top coat could chips quicker. Both these colours cost £3.99. Great for the price. Do you switch nail colours for the new season? Would love to know your favourite shade for the current season. 
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