Being a Lush addict can be very dangerous. You always feel the need to go in there and come out with a bag full of products, with the excuse that you really need it. If you would be interested in my previous Lush Haul you could have a peak at what i got. So the other day on Twitter and Instagram, I came across a product I had not seen before. Tooth Tabs, toothpaste in the form of little tablets. The most interesting Lush product I had ever seen. Guess what happened the next day? We ran out of toothpaste – I promise we really did. I could have just got the regular from my local store, but I decided to make that bus journey and get Toothy Tabs. While looking around at all the different flavours of Toothy Tabs, I remembered to stock on my favourite shampoo, the New Shampoo Bar. However looking around at the shampoo bars, I decided to try out a new bar. Montalbano is what got my attention.

Boom – Toothy Tabs 
Gunpowder ToothyTabs called BoomShake up every room you enter with this polishing activated charcoal and chilli anthem for your whole mouth – says the bottle. Some of the ingredients for this product are Sodium Bicarbonate, Charcoal cream of tartar, Kaolin, Fine sea salt,Aniseed oil, Black pepper oil, Organic ground chilli. Out of all the flavours available, the colour of this one got me. I was intrigued to see a Charcoal tooth cleanse. I was excited. Reading chilli as one of the ingredients I was a wee bit concerned if am honest. But the lovely lady at the till said she used this exact one and it is not a burning chilli sensation as such. Really excited to give this a try. It smells really good. It cost £5.95

Tooth Fairy – Tooth Powder
While looking at toothy tabs I wanted to see if there was one I could get for my girls, but didn’t want the Toothy Tabs. Looking around one of the ladies recommended Tooth Fairy. Tooth Fairy comes in a powder form. This being the best option for the girl, I got a tub of this Strawberry flavoured tooth powder. Costing £4.95

Montalbano – Solid Shampoo Bar
When it comes to shampoo bars I stick by New Shampoo Bar, been using it for about a year now. Looking for a change I decided to try another shampoo bar. Montalbano is what caught my eye. The colour being number one, and ingredients like Lemon Oil, Fresh Lemon Juice, Lemon Peel, Rosemary Absolute was the second thing to get my attention. Looking to do a full review on this, after using it for about a month.  Costs £5.95

I will be doing reviews on these products. I have only used the Toothy Tabs twice now, so it is too early for a review. I prefer to use a product for quite some time before i can give an honest review on what I think about it. As for Montalbano, I am yet to use it, so no thoughts on it yet. Have you tried any of these products? Would love to know what you think about them. I am so excited to use these.
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