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Firstly I would like to apologise for the delay in this post. For some strange reason, I kept having an issue trying to publish this post. At first, I wasn’t really happy with my picture for this post. Eventually, when I did get a picture for this post, I was about to publish it yesterday, and I deleted it instead of publishing the post. So I had to redo this entire post. Finally, I have it up. Going along with my post What I’ve Learnt From Blogging, I am back with my 2nd part of the series wherein I tell you the few things I’ve learnt on how to interact on Social Media. I’ve been blogging for almost two years now, and in all honesty, I was struggling with my Social Media accounts. I didn’t have the following I wanted, did not get the interaction I was looking for. Went crazy on Pinterest looking for tips and tricks. Some worked and some did absolutely nothing for me. With trial and error here are some of the tips iv learnt from Social Media. For starters the more social media accounts you have, the better. You don’t have to have them all, I did not, till about a month ago when I joined Facebook, till then it was only Twitter and Instagram. But if you can have as many as you can then it does help that extra bit more. If you check any of my Social Media accounts, I do not have a huge following, I am far from the 1K mark, but I am very happy with the growth and the interaction at the moment. So hope you find the following that I have come to learn, helpful for yourself.


Are you aware of twitter chats? One of the best ways to interacting on Twitter . These are the best and my favourite. Every chat has a new host and a new topic. This is the time you get to chat with so many amazing bloggers who share the same interest as you, sharing and supporting each other. The host usually has about 5-6 questions based on the topic and you are basically chatting about what your thoughts and answers are. At the end of the chat, the host sends out their blog link and asks you for yours. Here is where you share you link with many others. You get new traffic to your blog, new blogs to read & follow, and new blogger friends. The blogging community is very supportive. In these chats you could even ask a question you have in mind and hashtag it with the appropriate #chathastag and bloggers will answer them for you. I have enjoyed all the chats iv been a part of. Got so much of advice, given advice and chatted with amazing people. Just getting to interact and have fun as if you were chatting with your best  friends is lovely. These chats have helped me come across many beautiful blogs and have had many bloggers come across my blog too. What better way to interact and get your blog link across to so many out there. The best part of these chats is that you could host a chat yourself. You would just need to email the twitter account hosting these chats and go from there. The second thing iv learnt from Twitter is interacting with the people you follow. You have followed them cause you found something interesting about their blog/ tweets/ personality. So why not keep in touch and have your own little chats. Reply to a question or a tweet they sent out. RT a tweet they have just tweeted. Let your follow come to use with a simple interaction with them. 


I am still really new to this. I do know how to use a facebook profile, but not a facebook page. If you do, then, by all means, give me as much as advice as you can Please. Here are the few I have learnt in my last month of using Facebook Pages. Join AS MANY groups as you can. How do you find them? Whatever your blogging niche maybe, you will find a group on facebook. Be it Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Travel, Cooking , Books and so on. Just search for them on facebook, if it is a closed group you would need to request in joining and if it is open , you simply join. Once you join you have a whole level of interaction opened up. One of my favourites is Beauty Blogger Forum, it’s a closed group so you would need to request to join. A lovely lady posts threads on this group everyday where in you add your social media links, and like and  comment on at least 3-5 links posted by fellow bloggers. The interaction on these threads is amazing. You get to find so many new blogs and blogger find yours too. Joining Groups are a great way of interaction on Facebook. Just a heads up if you didn’t know (i did not for a very long time, eventually learnt) You need to join these groups using your facebook profile, facebook pages can not be added to groups. But you can send links to these groups to like your facebook page.

Something new iv tried with Instagram and seen a big difference in engagement. Every like I get for  a picture I make it a point to go, click on the person’s profile that liked my picture, and like as many pictures as I can off their profile. This helps me Thank the person for liking my picture, get me to view their pretty pictures and helps in interaction. How may you ask? While liking pictures, I comment on some pictures too (keeping it Very genuine of course). So you working up an interaction of likes, comments, follows and followers. Don’t be afraid to follow, there is NO rule that your followers should be more than you following. I don’t agree with that, even if it was a rule. Since doing this in the last month I have seen a lot of growth on my Instagram. No I don’t have a huge Instagram following, but I do have a lot of engagement due to this interaction, and that what matters to me more now. Try it and see the difference.

As simple as it sounds, not everybody does this. While keeping your blog up to date, it is also important to visit others bloggers hard work. You want people to read you blog? Likewise, bloggers want their posts to be read too. If you check or have realised, 9/10 times when u get a comment on a post the person leaves their link at the end of the comment. Visit their blog, read some of their posts, leave a comment of two. It feels nice getting comments right? Why not try being on the giving end for a change. I have had chats doing just this. Found beautiful blogs to follow, and have had people follow me too after these small interactions.
I have realised Interaction is key in blogging. Everybody blogs for others to read, So it works like a chain. You read my blog and I read yours. For this you need to interact to find a blog and for bloggers to find you. Try these tips and see change. Like my previous post on What I’ve Learnt From Blogging, don’t pressurise yourself. These are ways I have learnt in time, try them and you might learn few of your own. When you do, could you kindly come back and let me know some of what you have learnt too Please.
Since its Social Media Interaction I thought of posting my links here, and if you do comment could you please send me yours too. So we could interact. You could tweet me at @lalachic_uk follow me on Instagram at @lalachic_uk, like my Facebook page at lalachic and find me on bloglovin too
Work Hard & Have Fun 

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  1. Yes, you are so spot on with this — interacting with other bloggers in the beginning is so key to growth. My problem is by nature I'm not a social person, so even if I truly love a post or someone's personality, it's a major stretch for me to actually comment or do some other action. Even in real life it takes a lot of energy out of me to interact with people; I'm an introvert and it's natural for me to just observe and listen — those are my skills. But I'm slowly training myself to become more social and share my opinions, retweeting, etc.

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