How I Clean My Makeup Brushes & Sponge

If you’re looking for great makeup looks and clean healthy skin, THIS is a must in your routine. There is no use cleansing your face and using a dirty brush to apply your makeup. All you are doing is getting nasty bacteria onto your skin and letting it fester in your brushes and putting it back onto your skin for your next use. It’s just one big dirty-bacteria-applying cycle. With the amount of makeup cleanser available now in the markets, its easier than before. From solid cleanser to liquid and then sprays. Depending on how much makeup you use, cleaning often is important. I use three simple steps to complete this routine. You could easily just use Step 2 and Step three. I just add Step 1 as an addition to getting squeaky clean brushes.

Step One : For starters, i use this makeup brush cleanser I got from Primark, it a spray form. So I spray a good amount of the cleaner on the brush making sure it’s well saturated, and then swirl it around in a kitchen towel. I repeat this till all the makeup is off the brushes. Most times I repeat this thrice, depending on how much makeup is on the brush

Step Two : This step you just need baby shampoo or any cleansing soap you use. I prefer baby shampoo as it is gentle, even hand wash does just right. Try not to use any harsh product on your brushes. I take some baby shampoo, and mix warm water in, make sure the water isn’t hot. As you don’t want the hot water to damage your brushes. Just mix this a bit till its soapy and I then soak my brushes in one at a time for a few seconds dipping it well into the soapy water making sure it gets well into all the bristles.

Step Three : Once I feel the brushes have a good amount of soap in it I then swirl and give it a good clean using this face cleansing brush (from Primark) to help get in between the bristles and get out all the makeup hiding inside. You don’t have to use such a product to cleanse your brushes, you can easily just use the palm of your hands to work up a lather and clean your brushes. This face cleansing brush helps a little extra as you can see it has some bristle-like spikes that get into the brush to get every bit of makeup out. Once done, just place your brush under running water and wash the dirty away, till the water runs clear.

Once your brushes are clean remember to Gently squeeze away any excess water and reshape them gently. Try your hardest to let your brushes dry facing downwards so that no water gets into the metal band where all the bristles are glued in. In time if hot water or too much water gets in, the glue will start to fall apart and you will lose bristles from your brush. If you can’t dry your brushes facing downward, just place them in a way wherein the handle of the brush is higher than the bristles of the brush so that any excess water that flows out, will flow downwards. Finally, don’t forget to wipe down the handle of your brush with baby wipes to wipe away any leftover bacteria

For my makeup sponge, I simply soak it in warm soapy water (baby shampoo but u can use any gentle soap cleanser) and then gently rub it between my hands till out the makeup is washed away.  Next, I just place it under running water and squeeze out all the water till it runs clear.  Repeat in soapy water if necessary. I don’t use makeup remover on my makeup sponge, as I fear the chemicals sitting somewhere in the sponge and not being able to get it out.

This was my easy steps to cleaning my brushes and sponge. If you have any special way of cleaning your brushes and makeup sponge, mention them below would love to know your routine.
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