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Being a blogger is all fun till you end up with Writers Block. That’s when the panic button sets off and you don’t know where to begin or end.  This happens to me ALL the time. I generally write down post ideas for the week and there are days when that topic doesn’t interest me anymore, or it just doesnt fit in well on that day. So I end up just staring at my screen. Like today, for example, I wasn’t meant to upload this post, I had my Pamper Must Have’s post set for today but woke up feeling it wasn’t the day for it. Nobody would have time for a pamper session on a Wednesday, so I decided to move it to Friday. Which leaves me blank for today. While thinking of ways to find a post I decided to come up a post on what helps me in situations like this. Iv got blog posts ideas in front of me yet don’t want to write or post any of those topics. Does this happen to you? Well, these are a few thing I do when this happens and it helps me come up with some post ideas.


Are you on Pinterest for 23 and a half hours a day? Why not use it for inspiration? You could either search for topics you want to write about that day. Say Fashion, go through pins and find inspiration for a blog post. 1.OOTD, 2.Fashion Do’s and Dont’s ,3. Fashion Basics, 4.Autumn Style, 5.10 Ways to Rock Boyfriend/Mum Jeans. That 5 topics found just from Pinterest.   Haven’t found any yet? Don’t worry, just scroll through your feed, go through pins and you will find a post or two. 1: 7 Ways to Be Productive. 2: Lazy day Hairstyles. 3: How To set your own Blog OR Online Store. 4: Tips on How To Find The Best Bargain On Ebay. 5:Fitness Dos and Dont’s. Another five found. So you get the gist of how to find inspiration for a blog post using Pinterest.  There are times when just looking at a simple picture an idea or two come to mind. Use Pinterest in times like this.

Twitter Chats
This is such a great way to come up with blog posts. There are loads of Twitter Chats for any kind of interest you have. Whatever you blogging niche maybe, you will find a Twitter Chat for it. The topics on these chats give you a chance to share your views in a bigger way. With Twitter word count you can’t say much or express your thought on that topic the way you would want to. Why not share it in a post. Write your heart out in this post. My post on What I’ve Learnt From Blogging and How To Interact On Social Media was inspired from a Twitter Chat. Try it. Lately, I have come across chats on Instagram, 1. How do you use it? 2. How do you use Instastories? 3. Best ways to get your pictures noticed. That’s three topics from just one chat. Try it, you will have lots to share about.
What’s On Your Mind?
This is exactly what happened to me today. I wanted to share my Blog Post Inspiration, and that what I did. I cannot emphasise enough on how important it is to write what YOU want to write. Maybe you feel the need to talk about things that happened this week rather than a makeup product review. Do it. Go with what makes you happy, and makes you want to share with your readers. You have followers because they like your post, they liked yours honestly in your post. So do what you are here to do. Write from the heart. It’s ok to change your mind on a blog post. It’s not the end of the world. Write about your Makeup Product review for your following blog post. It is that Simple. The best part nobody would even know you switched your posts for another day. 

Another Great Great way to find inspiration. I remember finding many blog post ideas from Bloglovin. You would either get inspiration from that topic, Or you would want to write on that same topic. Writing on the same topic doesn’t mean you being a copy cat. It just means you have your own thoughts and version on that topic. Maybe like What I Eat In A Day. If I were to write this, it would be completely different from a fitness blogger. I eat bread, butter , ALOT of butter on my bread, curries, rice everything a fitness blogger won’t in a day. See the difference in the same blog topic. MAC must-haves – for some its lipsticks, for some its foundation or primers. Give it your take. 
Take A Break
Haven’t found Anything? Take a break. Don’t post for the day. You are allowed to miss a post. Unless you post every single day. Then missy/mister  you are in a big bowl of hot, spicy soup. Don’t force yourself to write if you don’t want to write. If you are determined to write up a post then you just have to make do with one of these posts. If your still struggling then I have One last option, Please let this one work. Maybe you have an old post on What’s In My Makeup Bag, why not update it? Am sure you have changed a few things in that bag, let your readers know, whats changed. Or your Current Season Wardrobe Essentials. Or maybe a Day In Your Life. That’s another three topics, covering Beauty, Fashion, and Lifestyle. 
Hope you find these few tips helpful, and been able to come up with a topic for your post. Don’t forget, you blog because you love blogging, don’t blog because you feel pressurised to blog and end up blogging out of compulsion and taking a complete disliking to it.  If you have found these tips helpful, please share it with your friends so it could help more bloggers on such tuff days. 
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Take care
Sometimes The Best Runs Come From days You Didn’t Feel Like Running.

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  1. This is so useful. I do love blogging but once writers block hits, it can be the worst! For me, I like to use twitter and twitter chats to feel inspired. Sometimes taking a break can be the best fit as well. I feel much more rejuvenated.

  2. Love the tips! I sometimes feel so stressed because it's Sunday night and I'm thinking OH NO I don't have anything written WHAT am I going to do now?!?! Thanks for this post my favs are Twitter chats and Pinterest I'll have to try Bloglovin.

  3. All writers get into the writers block at some point. Your post comes to the rescue 🙂 These are awesome tips to keep in mind. Loved your point on the difference between copying and drawing inspiration from and putting our thoughts down based on some one else's post.

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