10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging

For starters , I want to apologise for not posting on Monday and Wednesday this week. I have been so so so busy this week. I know that doesn’t call for missing out on a post, but it was one of those weeks. Coming back to my post, as you know I have been blogging for about two years now. I have loved it, hated it, learnt 5 major things from it and wished I knew a lot more on my first day of blogging. Blogging could either be very daunting or a walk in the park kind of a feel. Like anything else, you learn every day and as you go along. With blogging, I felt I knew it all even before I started blogging. Sadly that wasn’t true. So here are a few thing I wish I knew when I started blogging. 
1. Don’t Compare Yourself
Have you done it right? I know you have, so have I. It doesn’t help. You don’t become an overnight star blogger till you work hard to get there. Every Star Blogger/ Vlogger you see has worked hard to get where they are. Don’t compare yourself is my number one point because I have seen how it upset me and made me give up blogging. I was always thinking why am I not getting noticed with my blog yet like *Star Blogger*. Doing what you do, in your way, is what will get you higher and bigger. Enjoy your blog for the way You run it. In time, you will get where you want to be and then a new blogger will want to be you . 
2. Pictures
Oh, how I thought I had brilliant pictures for my blog. Taking pictures anywhere, and anyhow doesn’t help at all. You need proper lighting if you want beautiful blog worthy pictures. No, I do not mean the latest DSLR, I don’t have one and only use my iPhone. I mean natural lighting, a decent camera or your phone camera, some pretty props (look around your home- you will find a lot of things lying around to help) and a good layout. For background, you can search for wallpapers and contact paper on eBay, amazon  , or even B&Q. Next step to pictures is editing. If you take a clear, bright and beautifully laid out picture, you wouldn’t have much to edit. Try and stay away from filters. Some brightness, contrast (not too much) and tidying up the background a bit is all you really need.

  3. You Will Spend Alot Of Money.

Every blogger will tell you ‘you don’t need to spend all that money on your blog’ Yes it’s true, you don’t. But as you see a hyped about product wouldn’t you want to get it? That’s spending money right there. You will want to buy certain products to try out and then review. There is no must, it’s just something that happens, and there is no denying it. Try not to fall into the trap of overdoing it . Besides buying products, eventually, you will want to buy your own domain name, a web hosting site and so on. These cost quite a bit. You do get cheap and reasonable sites that help, which you will research for in time.
4. Not All Hyped About Products Will Be Your Favourite.
This goes along with point three. You see the latest foundation doing the rounds. every youtube and blogger are raving about it, and off you go to get it and try it for yourself. Sadly its not a product you like. This has happened to me many times. Not every talked about product will be for you, its going to happen. Don’t be disappointed just wait for the next talked about product hehe
5. Stats Will Bring You Down
Stats is an excellent thing to have. It’s your report on how well your blog is doing, who is reading it and much much more. However there are going to be days wherein your stats won’t be as good as you expect, and this is when it brings you down. You will feel disappointed. Always remember these are just numbers, it’s not the end of the world. No matter how serious you are with your blog, try not to get trapped with numbers. If you  do have a full-time job,every day isn’t going to perfect, so enjoy your blog and except the good with the bad. 
6. You Will Buy Products You Don’t Need
So you have 10,000 lipsticks in your makeup collection, yet you need to go out there and get yourself just one more. You will come across a fellow blogger who has this amazing shade of red lipstick and you feel the need to buy it even thou 9999 of your current lipsticks are a shade of red. 
7. Blogging Community Is Huge
The blogging community, if you didn’t know already is HUGE. Extremely supportive but huge. To get noticed in this huge community, you will have to give your blog your best, be interactive as much as you can, (I have a post on How to interact on Social Media, have a read) and don’t give up. There are times when you might feel you don’t fit in here but always remember to  Enjoy your time in this community, make friends and be a part of this supportive group. 
8.  Your Blog Will Take Time To Grow
Wishing you were the Star Youtuber/Blogger doing the rounds right now? Well, one question for you. How did they get there? Hard work is the answer. You will need to work hard and put in the effort if you want your blog to grow. Overnight stardom is possible, but lets are realistic, how often does that happen. So give your blog time while you put in the hard work and you are one step closer to your Big Name. 
9. You Don’t Get Free Stuff Just Cause You Blog
Just so you know, free stuff/products don’t pour in just cause you blog. My point is, it takes time for companies to contact you and for them to think you fit to work with. So don’t blog with the thought, that now your inbox will fill up with companies wanting to send u free products. It doesn’t work that way.
10. Nobody Will Promote Your Blog For You
Something I learnt the hard way. I remember feeling awkward to tweet my blog link. I just felt people would find me somehow. My blog will get the audience it needs, there is no need to promote it. What if nobody reads my blog even if I do promote it? So many question and doubts but no answers. All because I didn’t try in the first place. Social Media is your way forward to get your blog noticed and your posts read. Tweet it, Pin it, Share so people know you have a post. You need to tell people you have a blog and you have a new post so people can have a read. Don’t get spammy but get your posts out there and see the magic happen. 
Keeping these points in mind just enjoy your time in the blogging world and share to your heart’s content. If you think this post could help a blogger that’s just starting out, please do share this post. Thank You.
Sometimes You Win And Sometimes You Learn

34 comments on “10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Blogging

  1. Such a great post, girlie! I could agree more pretty much with every single point!
    Many people think blogging is easy and there's not much work that goes into it. However, one wouldn't know until they try 🙂
    It's the best thing ever though <3
    Couldn't imagine my life without blogging now! 🙂
    xox Nadia

    1. So glad you enjoyed this post. Yes most people think blogging to be a pastime or a thing u do when u are bored, they dont realise the seriousness behind it. There is so much more behind just a post and a picture. only a blogger would understand the hardships we face haha

    1. I feel this way till date, I have many on my home page that tweets non stop promoting and chatting keeping themselves active and known. but i still feel i cant do it. BUt its so important, or else people dont notice you.

    1. wow 8 years , thats amazing. I should be getting tips from you. glad u enjoyed the post, and as fellow bloggers we all face similar situations. Do u have any blogging tips you could help me with? will be checking your blog.

  2. I love this candid post and I agree on most, if not all points. Blogging is tough – it is a lot of work and can be expensive. So I am really annoyed when brands try to contact you to get featured for nothing. There is little respect for the amount of work that bloggers put in.

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

    1. When bloggers hear these point they just dont get it. for some reason their are brand their that think bloggers owe them a fortune, so they think they can do as they please with us. not knowing we work hard just as them, we are our own little brand.

  3. These are all so true! Especially #5 and #8. In the early stages, and sometimes still, I get down about the stats. But then I hear from a reader that they really enjoy reading my blog and how the content really speaks to them. I love hearing that and it really encourages me to keep going!

    1. Yes stats would bring me down, i have wanted to give up due to it. now i just write down at the end of the month my stats and them work harder to get better by the end of the following month. so now its motivation rather than tearing me down.

  4. The blogging community really is huge and that is why it is so important not to compare yourself with others. I remember when I first started, I wanted to shoot up to star status like a lot of my favorite bloggers who have spent years building their brand. It's a journey. What's important to me now is building connections with fellow bloggers and discovering new blogs I truly enjoy visiting.

    1. we have all been thru this stage, its just natural to compare. it gets dangerous if you let it bring u down. and like u said growing and getting involved with the community helps alot.

  5. Great tips! I am on month 6 of my blog, Glitter & Grandeur, and I find myself comparing WAY too often. I check my stats WAY too often. I am not getting the traction I want or expected, but when I find myself getting down about that, I remember that it is only the 6th month! Not everyone goes viral in their first month – but of course that is all you read about because it is more interesting than slow stat increases. 😛 Also, don't worry about not posting! I have been really slack about posting as well. Sometimes life gets crazy. We are human. It is okay. You are great!

    1. yes, stats and blog traffic can get upsetting. BUt like we both know it shouldn't, as long as we happy with the blog content and work hard. we will get what we want. I just feel so bad when i dont post on days i am suppose to post. Thank u for understanding. Thank you for the encouragement and understanding. Love it and appreciate it.

  6. I agree with every one. My pitfall was finding my niche. Guess what still don't exactly know it lol. But I've built torn built torn and then realised I was doing more damage to my self because if there is no foundation what am I building on I guess being a blogger teaches us persistence thanks for sharing such a great post at least I know I'm not the only one who feels this way!

    1. You know, how i look at it is i dont like rules for blogging, one being niche. Its your blog you have the right to blog about anything u like. Thats why i add in lifestyle to my blog so i am not restricted to what i can blog. I dont do well with rules like this hahaha.

    1. it seems like its one of the biggest problems. its sad. but dont let it bring u down. i dont even look at it anymore. i love interaction like this, such as comments on my blog post rather than people visiting my blog but telling me what they think.

  7. Nice post.. Its like I heard my blogger clients saying all this things.. specially when she said.. "I already spent a lot but don't get much".. This blog will be an eye opener.. that before you enter blogging you should be mentally and financially ready..

  8. So true! It takes so much time, energy, effort, and yeah, eventually, some money to make a quality product. Blogging is no different. Quality writing and design are super helpful; as are great pictures that make the post "pop" and make it pleasing to the eye.

    Nice post!

    1. Thank u so much Annie for your lovely comment, makes me happy to know i am doing right on my blog. Dont worry about the 41 followers, it's taken me 2 years to get to where i am today. You will get far girl don't stress on that much, put in the effort and watch it fly high.

    1. Thank u, glad u liked the post. Yes comparing is hard not to do. BUt u know what have u tried comparing your blog now from when u started? Wtch the motivation u get just from doing that.

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