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Would it be strange to say that I Love makeup yet don’t own too much of it? I am still in the process of learning the ins and outs of makeup application. In order to make life a bit easier for me I keep my makeup simple and what I can afford. I am not a person to go buy the most hyped about foundation that costs a lot when I can get the same results from a drugstore foundation. My makeup bag is going to have just what I need and nothing extra. Don’t forget I am a mum of two so I already have enough bags to carry around with me, adding extras into my makeup bag would be more of a strain for me. 
Getting straight to What’s In My Makeup Bag .
Rimmel Stay Matte in 005 Silky Beige; for my oily skin this is a saviour. No matter what primer I use, eventually my face will start to looking like a frying pan that’s just been used to get your morning bacon done. Haha yes I did exaggerate a bit. If you haven’t tried this yet, I think u should. This does help a lot in mattifying my face. The package saying ‘up to 5 hours of natural shine control with natural minerals’ . To that I would say on my skin this is true depending on the weather for the day. On less humid days yes this last long, on really hot days it doesn’t last five hours. So I always have this in my bag if I need to pat any oiliness away. 
For eyes, iv got They’re Real tinted primer. I got one of these  in a birchbox some months ago, and ignored it initially. Dint think too much of it. Till I tried it. For a girl that has next to nothing with lashes, a lash primer does help a lot. It really helps separate each lash so well and adds volume and length to my lashes. It just make the entire mascara routine so much easier. Since this is tinted there are days when I wear this all on its own. Adding your regular mascara to it, obviously adding much more volume and length
. Out of all the mascara I own, the EyeKo Black Magic Drama & Curl mascara, with the They’re Real Primer work like Charlie and his angels. The perfect team. The EyeKo black magic mascara has a curved wand, which helps get every lash coated in one stroke. It just takes to the shape of your eye. Like I said I am still learning makeup tricks so anything that makes life easy for me is a favourite automatically. There are less chances of me getting mascara on my eyelids using the EyeKo black magic, than with any other mascara that has a straight wand. 
Coming to lip colours, I do have quite a few in here. Barry M Matte Me Up being my absolute favourite. You can read more on why it’s my favourite on a blog post I wrote sometime back. It’s a matte finish yet moisturising, it’s not peeling your lips off kind of matte. The colour I have is Dress Rehearsal. For me it’s a perfect everyday shade, perfect for day and night, mummy and baby groups, date night, whatever the occasion. No need for a Lipliner , lip brush or any fancy equipment, just swipe it across your lips and you’re ready to go. Second is none other than Velvet Teddy by MAC, full thoughts of it here. Another easy to wear shade for any occasion and any time of the day. Now for a pop of colour I have two pink shades one being the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Don’t Pink Of it & Collection work the colour matte lip butter in Marshmallow Pink. Both matte shades give me just about the correct amount of colour I love. Not too loud and not to shy-for-a-coloured lip. 
So this is what you’ll find in my makeup bag on most days. If I have any extras it’s usually a bottle of nail polish if I plan on painting my nails while I am out, usually when at family’s place. Anybody else do this? Find it hard to get time to do this at home on most days. Or a different shade of lipstick if I am wearing another colour I carry it with me for any touch ups. That’s my little makeup bag collection. Would love to know what u have in your makeup bag. 
Take care
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