What I’ve Learnt From Blogging

So last evening i took part in the FBLCHAT on twitter (Every Tuesdays 8-9 pm & Saturdays 3-4 pm). I have been joining in this chat most weeks and enjoyed it, but last evenings chat was simply the best. I enjoyed the interaction, which is brilliant every week to be honest, but last evening the positive energy seemed to overflow. Usually I have come across the odd one or two who like to have somewhat of a negative opinion on practically every tweet by other bloggers, but last evening was just pure energy. So much of advice being tweeted. Infact i seemed to have been typing away like i haven’t done before. So when i woke up this morning those thoughts were still fresh in my mind and i thought why not share my thoughts here on a larger scale as twitter limits you to a word count. Back to the chat for a moment the topic last night was Blogger Interaction & Tips for new bloggers. If you would like to read all the tweets on last nights chat (which i would suggest because you will get to read more advice and tips- Just type #fblchat in your twitter search and you can read all the tweets).This will be my take on what i have learnt from blogging. This will be a two part series. My Next post will be on Blogger Interaction Using Social Media.

When i started blogging, i did something that  most of us are guilty of doing. Fit In. I tried to post content based on what others were posting. It helped initially cause i was new to the blogging world,and made it easy for me to pick topics. However that changed, it started to get annoying for me, and i wondered hang on, if i am annoyed by this, what would my readers be feeling or thinking? Keep your content real. Keep it You. Don’t go posting on a specific top just cause the blogger with a great twitter following is writing about it. Write topics on what brings u happiness and gives you the joy to want to write more. This is your blog , so you need to be happy with it or else nobody is going to like it. Content is what keeps your blog running. Pictures is secondary. No use having great pictures but terrible content. I might as well stick to instagram for that. 
This is something that will build up in time. You could be either working full time, studying full time, or, a mum (like me) who gets to blog only during free time. So in time you will be able to work out a schedule that works for you. Work with it. Initially i wanted to be at the top and blog every day. My blog was new , its was exciting, my aim was to post everyday. It dint help. It dint work out. I dint have the time to blog everyday. Keeping all this in mind, consistency is important. Even if its one blog post a week, stick to it. Nobody knows your day to day life better than you. Work around that and decided what fits in well with you and stick by it. If i follow you, knowing you post around a certain time helps, because it makes me look out for a new post. 
Don’t Pressurise Yourself
This point works hand in hand with consistency. What i learnt from this is that, it made me unhappy and made me give up on blogging. I pressured myself way too much and forced myself to put out content. There were times when i dint have a post in mind but just typed out a post cause i wanted content out there. At the end of the day i wasn’t happy with what i posted. If you set up to post thrice a week and if it doesn’t work out, then STOP. Try posting twice a week and see how it goes. If you arent happy with blogging, then you aren’t going far with your blog. No matter what stage of blogging you are at, you need to know what fits into your routine and what works best for you. As a full time blogger you would have had a proper work scheduled set out to make life easier and as a part time blogger you would have the same. The worst thing you could do for your blog is to let it seem like a chore. Blogging should be what you love and not what you are being forced to do.
1 Step At A Time
Blogging is like growing up i would say. You go thru stages. There is no way you could become an adult over night. In the same way, your blog wont become super popular over night. Your blog will grow, stumble, get up and walk , run or fly. Take it slow and grow with every stage and give it time. Something i did in the past was compare my blog to big bloggers like Zoella, Lily Pebbles (Oh, I Love Lily) etc on day two of my blogging. Sounds so silly, but i am sure we are all guilty of it. Sadly, it doesn’t work this way. Zoe and Lily have also started the way you and me have. Only hard work and patience got them to this popularity. Taking it one step at a time and enjoying the growth of your blog is amazing. Try it.
 Have Fun
A question to ask yourself, Why Am I Blogging? The number one reason will be Because You Love It. If you love it why not have fun with it? Your blog is YOUR space on the internet. You make the rules, You break the rules. Try different themes for your blog, different colour schemes, stick by  your white and black minimal theme, whatever makes you happy. I am constantly wanting to change the way my blog looks. Infact all of last evening i was searching for blogger templates as i am bored of my current one. The whole idea of blogging is to have fun, share what YOU love, set up your blog how YOU like it. Nobody is ever going tell you ‘Hey Abc, your blog doesn’t look as pretty as mine’. 
Always remember No matter how many tips and tricks you read online regarding blogging, ALWAYS do it your way. Tips & Tricks definitely help. But they aren’t rules to follow. Take the tips and tricks in a positive way and work around what fits in best with YOU.  YOUR BLOG YOUR RULES. Simple Step To Happy Blogging.
The Secret Of Being Happy, Is Accepting Where You Are In Life & Making The Most Of Everyday.

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    1. It all depend on how u pressurise yourself. If u do it to the extent where in you want to give up. Like I was doing, then it's wrong . But pressure that helps u a huge certain goals is good. Enjoy your space while u work towards your goals I would say.

  1. Yes, I love this! When I read the part about content I remembered a few blog posts I opened and they were just full of pictures, 30 pictures or so, from a holiday. Why would someone do that?? :)) –Andreea Sandu

    1. Hi Andrea, am glad u liked this post. ON your holiday post having 30 pictures is fine . It was a holiday, and that what u do , u take pictures. but i have seen posts where in a product is being reviewed and all u can see it pictures and very little content. ON such a post content helps more than picture i feel. So it depends on the post, pictures are important without a doubt. as long as depending on your topic the pictures dont cover up for content.

    1. Thank you, am glad you liked this post. makes me happy 🙂 Yes please do check teh twitter chtas, they are the best. my two favoruites are the fblchat and the lbloggers chat.

    1. Thank you, am glad u liked this post. I wasnt regular with the chats, but this past month i kept it as a goal haha and managed to take part if quite alot. they really good. Try and get involved in as many as you can. Maybe we can even join in together. we could be twitter buddies 🙂 am at lalachic_uk tweet me and we can join in together.


  2. Always so good to reflect!! I agree- gotta take it slowly and one step at a time. And be true to you! And yes- gotta do it because you love it. Thank God I do- it's what keeps me going!

    1. Yes we tend to easily fall into the stage of fitting in. Its aall a part of blogging, specially when new to it. you eventually learn the rights and wrongs. Thank you for reading my post.


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