Thank You

In all my time of blogging , i have had three blogs (this being the fourth) which i ran for about a month to three months and ended up deleting it, thinking nobody is reading this. Why am i writing? Who am i writing for? I just dint have the patience to wait for my blog to grow. When i started LalaChic in December of 2014, i started the blog thinking nobody was going to read this one too. But i decided to stick by it and blog anyways even if nobody reads it. In time page views and followers increased. So people were reading my posts Finally. I started to find happiness in the little pageviews i got. Today LalaChic is at a point where i dint think it would get. All my hard work put towards this blog would have been of no use had it not been for You. I had two posts typed out for today but none seemed right, i just cant get myself to posting it, it doesn’t seem right. While trying to think about the two posts i realised why i was stressing on getting it right. Now i have readers who like my work and want to read more, how can i disappoint them. In this post i want to Thank Each & Every one of you for reading my posts. Following my blog and social media accounts. Liking my posts and commenting on it. Every comment, following and love means soooo much to me. Thank you for appreciating my blog and my posts. My blog wouldn’t get to this stage, if it weren’t for you reading it. I have by no means been as consistent as i would like to, yet i have had you there reading my blog. Its because i know you are there reading my posts, it makes me work harder towards my blog. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART FOR ALL THE SUPPORT YOU HAVE GIVEN ME ON THIS BLOG. Thank You for giving me confidence in my blog and myself. 
Give Thanks For All The Opportunities That Even Our Struggles Bring

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