Summer Nails

Today i wanted to put together the nail colours i’ve been loving lately. I have been quite obsessed with nail colours, and changing them practically every weekend. I say this because i use to be someone that painted my nails and left it on till its all chipped off and then had no option but to change it. However, i have been pretty serious about having my nails looking pretty and neat. These are the colours i have been reaching out for the most. Light, Fresh & Summery colours.
Laguna by Barry M, Coconut Infusion collection. This is my All time favourite colour. I have not come across a colour/shade as gorgeous as this. If you were ever in search of a shade of blue, you must try this. And if u were ever scared to wear blue, try this. I cant praise this shade enough, its just a complete favourite.
Prickly Pear by Barry M, Gelly Hi Shine collection. I am a huge Barry M nail polish fan. Since using these, i just never see myself getting any other brand. The Gelly Hi Shine is my favourite collection. Everytime i wear these, i get asked if i got my nails done professionally, they just look so perfect. Beautiful shades too. This being a top pick.
Rose Hip by Barry M. Told u i am a Barry M fan. I usually don’t tend to wear pink on my nails, i feel its doesn’t look right with my complexion. This shade of pink being really light, kind of matches me. This is the only shade of pink i tend to wear. 
Skinny Dip by Barry M, Coconut Infusion Collection. Look at how gorgeous this shade is. It such a beautiful shade of beige i would say. It just looks so pretty fresh and perfect for any time of the year really.
Matte White by Barry M. I remember wanting to get a white shade since forever, but just never got down to buying it as i always thought it wasn’t the shade for me. Yet every time i saw Meredith (on youtube) wear it, i felt i had to get it. About a month ago while in the Barry M nails section (i promise i had no intentions of getting one more) i came across this This (how could i let it go?) To say the least, i fell in love. 
Tiki Hut by Barry M, Coconut Infusion Collection. When i was trying out this collection i picked up all the shade that were available then (which was just these three for four, the rest were sold out) and at first i said Nah this isn’t for me, till one day when i actually wore it and posted a picture on instagram and got lots asking em what shade this was and how beautiful it is. At times u needs another to tell u how nice something is, for you to realise it. 
Wah London, is what i received with by BirchBox some months ago. Its not a favourite to be honest, but i love it. I just love the pop of blue when i feel dull. And the shocking blues helps me cheer up. You do have to wear about three coats for the colour to show up really well. Its the shade that gets me all cheerful.
Iced Frappe by Ciate. I am surprised by how i haven’t run out of this shade yet. With the amount of times i go to this colour is crazy. Its always a struggle for me between Iced Frappe & Laguna. If i were to ever have a choice of only two shades, these two have to be it for me. 
These were my summer colours. What are yours? 
Stop Saying I Wish, Start Saying I Will

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