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So I had my Car theory test on Monday the 1st of August and I PASSED . The relief of getting this over and done with, was Amazing. Now i can concentrate on the main bit of driving. Besides the results, i wanted to share my experience on my theory test. When preparing for my test, i tried to look around for others experiences, but sadly dint find much. You do have a lot on youtube regarding the actually driving test, but none on the theory. Since these kind of posts helps me, i thought why not share my experience on this. I was often asked ‘Chinella, why are you doing your theory before you actually start driving classes or even complete your driving test?’ ‘Your theory is only valid for two years, you should complete your practical before your theory’ . Well Yes you could, i just prefered to do theory before my practical , as i wanted to learn road signs, road rules before i got behind the wheels. You could do it whichever way suits you best.

For starters as you know, You must have your provisional license in order to book a theory, as you need your provisional licence number. Booking a date can be a bit frustrating as dates are not that easily available. With so many bookings, you could possibly wait for about a month before you do your test. I booked my test on the 6th of July and only got a test appointment for 1st of August, being the first available date. You get an email with all the details regarding your test and informing you what u need to bring with u to the Test. Your Theory Test is a two part test. First being your multiple choice answer section & the Hazard Perception.
Preparing for the Theory Test: Three things helped me alot. The first being the book which is a must to cover every single detail you need to know about driving. It is the Official DSA Theory Test for Car Drivers book. You get them at most book stores, i picked mine from WH Smith. It cost me £13. The book can get boring, if you don’t like reading or just get fed up with the amount of information to soak in. How i prepared with the book was by reading a chapter a day. Its a multiple choice answers style, and beside the answer its give you a detailed explanation of the answer. I find it important to read the explanation, so you understand it better. After reading the book i did alot of mock test online. You have plenty of online mock test websites. I used two and found them extremely helpful. and Theory Test Online.

Toptests comes with 12 mock tests to practice, that’s lots of practice. Each test has 50 questions, so with 12 mocks test you do the maths on how many questions you get to practice. The questions cover all the chapters really well. You have a challenge bank, which saves all your wrong answers so you can do an additional test only on your wrong answers giving you more practice.

Theory Test Online is quite similar to the theory test in how it is presented on screen. It gives you more of an idea on what to expect at your test. It times you on your test just like your theory would. You get 50 questions which need to be completed in an hour. You have a Flagged question tab which you could use to save a question you either haven’t answered Or are unsure of and would like to come back to check on. So once you completed all your question, you can go back on the flagged questions tab and come back to all the unsured questions. I found this tab really helpful at my test, it saved me time from having to go thru all my questions just to find certain questions. I had all my unanswered/not to certain answers under one tab. At the end of your mock test on Theory Test Online, it give you a break down of all the sections covered ex: Alertness, Road Signs, Road Rules, Motorways Rules etc, and tells you how much you scored on questions based on each topic. I found this bit extremely helpful as it helped me concentrate on the topics i was weak in. Its an excellent breakdown of your strong points and weak points.

 For Hazard Perception initially i was just doing mock test but failing each time i tried it, till i read tip on how to do the test. This is the site i used for Tips. Once you read the tips you are bound to pass. The Hazard Perception is all about clicking at the correct time, and the tips on this website really help you understand when you need to click. 
These three should be more than enough to help you get through your tests. I have heard people say the mocks test are more than enough for practise you don’t need the book. I don’t agree with it, Each to their own, if you are good at it this way then go ahead. For me reading the book is important as you are 90% done with your preparation for the test. The mock test help you as an addition. 
At The Test: In your confirmation email you get told to be at the test centre 15 minutes in advance for check-ins. On arriving at the test i was given a rules and regulations sheet to read, my provisional license verified  and given keys to my locker to keep ALL my belonging in. I was not allowed to take anything into the test room besides my locker keys and provisional license. As the screen was switched on,i was asked to check my name and if it spelt correctly. On checking this, some rules are shown on the screen on how to complete your test, what to do if you have a question regarding any concerns (not regarding the theory test question ) etc. I had a three part test. One being the multiple choice answers, Second was the last four questions were based on a Case Study and Third being the Hazard Perception. Once completing the 1st two stages i did get a 3 minute break (optional) before i started my Hazard Perception. I did not take the break, as i prefer to just go along with the test since i am already in that test mode. Completed my test and went back to the reception to get my bag from the locker then walk to Results Desk for the moment of truth. The gentleman at the desk was a very serious looking person, who gave me my test with it being folded in a way where i cant see the results. He handed over my results to me with No expression on his face at all. Only after i looked at my results and did a mini scream of joy and relief, did he turn and give me a big smile saying Congratulations, Well done. 
I was really stressed before i went for my test as i had gone completely blank the morning of the test. What i realised is that, if you do your preparation by reading the book, doing as many mock test as you can, I don’t see why you wouldn’t pass. None of the questions are going to be out of the book, you are bound to know most of the answers. i dint score a full 50, but scored 46 which i thought was pretty good. 
Hope you found this helpful. If you feel this was helpful, please do share it, as i which i had some kind of experiences to read before i did my test. All The Best for your test. Now for me to finally get behind the wheels and learn part 2.
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    1. Oh sorry for such a late reply to your comment, i did not see this comment. I am so glad i could help with this post. Would love to know how you did in your test. All the Best.

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