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So here in the UK, the weather is currently a confusing topic to discuss. Its neither hot , nor, cold. We having some really hot days followed by days of rain,and crazy winds. So u wake up either feeling really hot and end up feeling cold and some times in between. On such days picking on outfit can be a bit troublesome, cause u just dont know when its going to get hot and sticky or cold and snug. Going along with this in between season here are some of the outfits that have helped me go along. 
A little heads up into this post, I am by no means a fashion stylist. I dont have a fancy DSLR, no photographer friend to help me get those perfect pinterest OOTD shots. I am a mum of two being realistic in what i wear, using my iphone camera on a makeshift tripod getting pictures taken. This is my personal style. I am a person who loves to find comfort over fashion. I love fashion, but i wont just wear something because it’s the in-thing. I have to be comfortable in what i wear as i am constantly in charge of two under 5 year olds.  
Look 1: Pop Of Colour. A simple white tee with jeans an a pop of colour. Perfect,

Look 2: Dress & Run Out. A simple black top that does all the work for you, just so easy to wear, with a pair of jeans.
Look 3: Flowy Dress on those hot days. I love how flowy this dress is, another simple to wear outifit.
Look 4: For Chilly Days. A sweatshirt and chinos, comfy and keeps me warm.
Look 5: Dressy Casuals . I love this kimono i got last year from Primark. Its just gorgeous, perfect for this time of the year. I love the crochet and fringe combination.
Look 6: Florals & Jeans. 

So this was my look book. Hope u liked it and dint find my style too boring. What are your outfit staples? Would love to know them in the comments below. And just to let you know i had to delete my facebook page as it wasn’t letting me join facebook groups or like pages, so i have created a new Page & if you’d like you can find me on Instagram . Thank You for visiting my blog.
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    1. Awww thank you for such a lovely comment. I have been wanting to post a lookbook for a long time, just wasn't confident enough and dint have a dslr, photographer friend, or perfect background, so thought nobody would bother to read it. Finally decided to post it for myself and to get it out there and cut out the negative thoughts. So your comment has really hepled. Thank u.and saying i dont look like a mum of two oh wow i cant stop giggling heheh

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