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Typing that header felt really scary, knowing we in the month of August already. We seven months down? and on the 8th already? WOW this year is definitely not waiting for anybody. So I just received my Birchbag on monday, and in all fairness i am not really excited about this month’s product choices, so wanted to share the products and my thoughts on why it isnt Great for me. For those wondering why i called it Birchbag instead of Birchbox this month, Birchbox sent all the product in a bag/pouch, which is really cute.

So in the August Birchbag i received 6 products. Five being samples and 1 full size product. Starting of with the bag itself. I really like the bag, its too cute and quite useful , as it can be used as a makeup bag or bag for stationary (my plans, all my pens iv been collecting for my bullet journal- should i save that for later?)

Marcelle waterproof eyeliner in Mulberry. I am excited to use this product as i love eyeliners, and now get to use a one with a colour different to black. woop am excited for this.

Philip Kingsley dry shampoo, a sample size. Full size costing £14.50. This isnt a product i am excited about, only cause i don’t use dry shampoo and have cut down on the amount of chemicals i use on my hair for the last two months. So this is a no for me. In general i have not used dry shampoo more than maybe twice max. So this isn’t for me. Coming back to Philip Kingsley products, they use to be my favourite hair product out of all i have received in my birhcboxes. Its just a personal preference of not using chemicals in my hair that isnt making me want to use this.

Balance Me Radiance face mask, a sample size. Full size costing you £18. This is a lightweight clay based mask that cleanses, exfoliates and brightens to boost luminosity. I have used this twice already since iv got it. When applied on the skin, it makes my skin feel a bit itchy and really stretched. Assuming it stretches my skin cause it has clay in it, and most mask do this, but the itchiness it a bit annoying. However once i remove the mask with warm water and a muslin cloth, it leaves my skin feeling really soft and fresh. I am going to try it as a mask one more time and if the itching continues, i plan to use it as a face wash rather than a face mask, cause i like how it makes my skin feel, so dont want to waste this.

Anatomicals a citrus body scrub, a sample. Full size costing £3.99. I love the cute packaging. It smells really fresh, being citrus you do get a good amount of that citrus smell too. With body scrubs and me, i prefer them to be in a consistency where in it isnt just slipping of my body even before i do anything. ever tried a body scrub that just feels like water, and gets washed away even before you get to scrub your body? I just cant take that. Thankfully this body scrub is more on a gel like consistency so you have to time to feel it on your skin and work with it.

Merci Handy antibacterial hand cleansing gel, got this in a full size, which cost £2.90. Not A Fan at all, sorry hand sanitizers just isn’t for me. I am that girl that would walk a distance to wash my hands the old fashioned way rather than squeeze a bit of this stuff to my palms and rub it together. Not happening. I just don’t like that feel of it on my hands, It just feels icky and sticky. This was a waste of  a product for me, so will end up giving this away. On a good note, it does smell nice. Thats all it does for me. Sorry.

Finally, Yes To coconut facial wipes, a sample of one wipe. Full size costing £3.99. There was a time when i think 9/10 bloggers/ youtubers were using this. I really don’t know how good or bad this is, i have never used it, so cant comment. I am not going to lie, i am not excited.

This is what i received in my August birchbag, as you can tell i am not impressed with the products. Birchbox usually put together a good selection of products, unfortunately this month it feels like products were just thrown in last minute. I don’t see any effort put into the products this month. I love Birchbox, this October makes me two years with Birchbox, but sadly this isnt the month for me, and definitely nowhere close to a favorite.

Are you subscribed to a monthly subscription box? Have u honestly liked every box you got or felt it could have done better with a certain month?

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