Skin Care Haul- With Review

Hello Beautiful,  welcome back to my blog.Tonight i wanted to share a few skincare product i have been trying out for the first time. To my good luck, besides my oily skin, i don’t really have any major issues with my skin. So i don’t really fuss over my skin care too much, and neither do i ignore it. 

Starting with Micellar water, saying i am addicted to this would be an understatement. Its just such an easy product to use, how could u not like it or not use it. Its what i reach out for on most occasions, as i just get too lazy to complete a full skin care routine. Few drops on a cotton pad and your done. My all time favourite is the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. I usually use the pink cap bottle, which is for Sensitive Skin. Till i went to pick up another during the weekend and realised, they now have Micellar water specific for skin types. Being an oily skin girl i grabbed the green cap bottle which is for Combination To Oily & Sensitive Skin. Which is basically the same,but just an addition for oily skin. This is brilliant for removing makeup and getting a cleanse in one basic step. If you want to go for the full  skin-care-routine as such then u add in your extras, but for a simple cleanse this does great for me. To be honest i don’t see much of a difference between the Micellar water meant for sensitive skin and the one for oily skin. They do the same thing, i don’t see it helping with my oily skin as such. Its not like it mattifies your skin as such. It does nothing special. Infact most time i feel i which i stuck to the original which i have been using for ages, rather than getting this. 

The second product i picked up was a face wash. If you have been reading my blog lately you would know how much i love the Herbalism face cleanser from lush. However i have run out of it and needed a face wash desperately, i was nowhere close to a Lush store and neither would they have been open even if i was. So i settled for what i could lay my hands on at the time. Still standing in the Garnier sections i thought i might as well get something from here, as i wasnt looking for any specific face wash. Picking up the Fresh Clarifying Wash, Shine Be Gone seemed appropriate for my daily oily skin battle. It is enriched with Green Tea and Moringa Extracts. Green Tea has been spoken about in the beauty world on how it helps with oily skin. You have some using it as a face mask or just as a light exfoliator for oily skin. I love the face wash, it leave my skin feels really cleansed, fresh and does help a tiny tiny bit with the oily skin. I am not going to stress on this too much as it doesn’t do as well as i would have thought it to do, but i am fine with it, as it does leave my skin feeling and looking really clean and fresh. Now to the part which put me off, is that it leave my skin feeling Very Very dry and stretchy. This is one thing that really puts me off with face washes. Why does it do this? If u have the answer to this please help me. 

Along with this came a sample of the Pure Active 3 in 1. I dint realise i got this till i got home. This 3-in-1 is a face wash, face scrub and a face mask. I love the sound of multiple uses from one product. This is definitely a favourite amongst the three. Sadly it wasn’t the product i purchased,instead just a sample. This has little blue bead like things in it which help cleanse, exfoliate and wake up the skin. This kind of foams up and really lathers well. Just this tiny bit u see in the picture can be enough for one wash. I don’t like a face scrub/exfoliator that feel hard and rough on the skin, and to my luck this 3-in-1 is really gentle on the skin. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry or stretchy. Its such a bonus when u can use it more than one way.
So this was my little haul and review in one. Would like to know what are your current skin care favourites or disappointments. OH, and to just throw into this post, i am now on snapchat if you would like to follow am at lalachicuk
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