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Hello beautiful, welcome back to my blog. So iv been away for a few weeks, as i just needed a bit of a break from blogging. I just dint feel the urge to blog, at the back of my head i had a voice saying ‘Chinella, you need to blog’ yet my hands weren’t reaching out to my laptop. So decided to take a little break instead. Hope you all have been good. Todays post is a my Simple Six products i reach out for when i want next to nothing on my face. Keeping it as simple as possible,i use just the basics. A sheer face powder,for my oily skin. A wee bit of contour, some eyeliner, mascara and a bit of colour to the lips. 

Sheer Face powder

This has been my first time trying out a loose powder,and i love it. This sheer powder, works perfectly on my skin. It takes care of my oily t-zone, it covers up pores (not that i have many) and helps my skin look fresh and awake. This obviously doesn’t work as a cover up like a concealer would ,but it does the job for me. I don’t have dark circles or acne, and i don’t fear exposing the few dark spots on my face. So this does me well. 

Sleek Face Contour Kit

This is an old favourite i had forgotten about. And now, I cant live without this product.  Great pigmentation, so a little goes a long way. Blush, Highlight and Contour powder all in this one kit. Just a wee bit of contour on my brush, and just the colour i want on these days. 

Benefit Push Up Liner
When it comes to liner, i am still a beginner. I dont do the wing, because i simply cant. I have those days when one eye is perfectly lined and the other looks beaten up. So i keep it as simple as i can. For this, the benefit push up liner does the trick. I do have my days where i regret buying this product and how i wasted my money getting it and then days where i love it like crazy. The bendy tip helps get really close to the lashline as possible. Helping me get a next to perfect liner.

Eyeko Black Magic Mascara

This was a sample i received with my Birchbox sometime back. This mascara gives me everything i want from a mascara. I have a lot of favorite mascara. This is definitely one of the best. Gives me long, fuller looking lashes with just one coat, separates each lash really well. Love the way the bristles get each lash without leave them looking clumpy and coated on.

Velvet Teddy MAC

Now who doesn’t love this shade. Such an all rounder. This is a favourite cause it can be worn on simply any day. A no-makeup look day or a total glam-smokey eye day. It a shade for every occasion. This matte brown is perfect on any skin tone. Can read more about this on my post Going Nude 

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