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So i finally decided to try out Asos. Now that i have, i decided to do my first Fashion Haul. To my good luck when i did long on to Asos,they were having a 70% off Sale, and why wouldn’t i take advantage of it? I usually don’t like buying clothes online, i prefer to try them on before i shop,so i know what i am getting. Shopping online is such a hit or miss sometimes. This isnt a huge haul,but these are the few bits i picked up. Please excuse the awkward posing.
This is basically a top, which looks like a tshirt dress from the front but it has this deep slit on the side,which i really love,and its what got my attention. It was a pack of two, i got in black and white. Picture below. Priced at £7 for two.
 This next piece is a Top, but as u can see it can also be worn as a dress. I prefer it as a dress. Just such a beautiful flowy summer dress. I love the back detail, its so girly and perfect for the summer. This was £7.
This is the exact as the Black top above, just in white. This was sold as a set. You had the option of picking between black and white, black and grey or white and grey. I got the two for £7.
This is another white top, which is short in the front and long at the back. Its another piece that can be worn as a top or a dress. Its just so easy to wear. I would probably wear it a dress and as a top depending on the weather ad my mood. This was £9.
The next bit was this pink top which had dog prints on it, with a beautiful lace back. This was £7 aswell. Also picked up these jeans, as i really liked the colour,however i am not very happy with the ankle bit of the jeans, as you can see it does tend to flare out. Being skinny jeans, i thought it be to be skinny fit through out. So this was the only disappointment,besides its a great fit. The jeans were £14.
That was my mini Asos Try On Haul. Hope you liked it. Sadly,when i did type out this post the sale was over, so i dint link the outfits to the site,as they don’t cost the same anymore.
Takecare till next time.
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