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I feel like i haven’t done a haul post in ages. Its one of my favourite posts to read and videos to watch. I have been buying little bits now and then from Lush, and got some one or two for my birthday so thought id put them all in one post and share what i’ve  been collecting in sometime.

  A facial moisturiser, for everyday use. I find this quite greasy and oily for my skin,so personally i wouldn’t use it for daytime use. I prefer it is a night cream. Its feels really smooth on the skin. Gorgeous, does sink into the skin really well, leaving your skin feeling very moisturised. Quite often , i use this as a spot treatment, for my quite annoying dry spots. Just a tiny bit on the dry spots and its does really well.
I was basically looking for a dry hair treatment, either as a mask or a leave in conditioner. So the lady at Lush recommended Kinky. Kinky works as a hot oil treatment, more as a mask. Its looks like a big portion of shea butter cut in the shape of a hexagon. But its not shea butter, its just a lot of other goodness of oils mixed into this one solid piece. The ingredients include, extra virgin oil, castor oil, ylang ylang oil. According to the package you are suppose to add a bit of hot water into a cup/bowl or even an old pot from lush, and stir in this solid piece in the hot water to form a porridge like consistency (that’s the best description i can give, it looks like porridge to me and my 5 year old ) and then apply it like a hair mask. In my opinion you need the entire piece ONLY if you have hair as long as Rapunzel, if you don’t then either cut small chunks and melt as you go or just simply stir the full piece till u get enough of product u need. Iv only used this product once,so i am looking to use it for a few more tries before i can give a good enough review on it.

Love And Light

This is a one of the products i received for my birthday. Its a hand cream. A month back i was having really dry hands, so dry that my skin use to burn and i couldn’t touch my hands,or let anything touch it. So when i got this, i was really eager to see how it would help my dry hands. This lightweight hand cream has done wonders on my hands. If you are looking for a hand cream as a treatment for dry hands,i would suggest you try Love & Light, you wouldn’t be disappointed. Yes, it has a fragrance to it like all other lush products, but don’t let that put u off (if u dont like the fragrance), as it does wonders on your skin.

Rub Rub Rub

Now this product is such a all rounder. Rub Rub Rub can be used on dry skin as a scrub before you go for a shower, can be used on wet skin as a scrub  and can also be used for your hair to add volume and shine. Rub Rub Rub has ingredients like sea salt, lemon juice, Jasmine flower infusion, lemon oil and other good stuff. Firstly look at that gorgeous colour. This scrub is quite runny in consistency, as you can see in the picture below. If you’re like me, you prefer a scrub thats more solid in texture, and a scrub you can feel on your skin,with Rub Rub Rub,it very gentle and very lightweight,so u can barely feel the scrub on your skin unless u apply quite a lot. Besides the texture of it,i really enjoy this product. Am yet to use it on my hair, which i am looking forward to. 

Silky Underwear
Silky Underwear was suggested to be as i was looking for a deodorant (chemical free deodorant). Silky Underwear is a talc which is described as a dusting powder by lush. What i love about this , is that, it has shea butter in in. YES shea butter in a talc. This dusting powder is jasmine scented, which is so gorgeous for this time of the year. Silky underwear, isn’t specifically a deodorant, it can be used all over the body. Being A talc you just rub it onto your body and its really smooth. The shea butter just absorbs onto your skin, and the jasmine leave your skin smells fresh and beautiful. If, your wondering about the shea butter, no its doesnt leaves your skin oily or greasy, its dry, its a powder, it just leaves your skin feels baby soft.
Of late i am having this really strange situation with my scalp. Whenever i use a hairdryer (only a hairdryer) my scalp gets really dry, itchy and flaky. On searching for a treatment for this strange situation, i was suggested to try Superbalm. As the name suggest and you can see,this is a hair balm. All your need to do is, apply a little on your finger tips warm it up and apply it directly to your scalp as a treatment. Lush suggest you use it for 20 minutes before your shower, but me being me i apply it and leave it on depending on how much time i have available. I haven’t used this yet,so can’t say much about it. As you can see in the picture below it melts when warming it up

So this was my little Lush Haul. Hope you liked it. Would love to know in the comments below if you have tried any of these products and liked them. Or if you plan on doing a Lush Haul yourself. Would love to have a little chat on  your favourite Lush products with you.


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