Herbalism Face & Body Cleanser : Lush Review

Todays blog post is something i have been wanting to talk about for a while now. Something my skin has been loving like anything. About a month ago,i needed a face cleanser, but was looking for a change in my face cleanser. So i thought id give Lush face cleansers a go,and see how they get on with my skin. After talking about a few with the wonderful girl at Lush (Lush have the best customer service ever) I decided to get the Herbalism for my oily skin. 

Herbalism is a Face & Body Cleanser (i only use it for my face) with ingredients Almonds, Kaolin, Rosemary & Rice Vinegar Extract, Chamomile Blue OIl and Sage Oil. All these ingredients have such great benefits for the skin. 

According to the Lush website this product has the below benefits
Nettle,rosemary and rice bran vinegar work to cleanse the skin, removing dirt and grease, leaving bright and beautifully clean skin. Chamomile blue oil and rose absolute are used for balancing skin tone. Rice bran and ground almonds will gently exfoliate the skin and when mixed with water, the almonds create a soft cleansing milk. Our chlorophyllin is extracted from alfalfa, which is rich in vitamins and minerals and is great for revitalising with skin.

Herbalism is solid face and body cleanser, in a crumbly form. Does that make sense? Its hard to describe what exactly the texture is, but if u look at the picture its nowhere close to liquid, and its not a one solid piece on its own. Even though the wonderful lady at Lush explained how to use this,i was still getting it a bit wrong in how to use it. The trick is to take as much as u think u need (little does go a long way) and sprinkle as little water as possible, rub it between your palms to make a paste,now cleanse your face like any other face cleanser. You might think this was quite self explanatory,which it is,but getting too much of water in it, kind of washes its away. The water is to just soften it a bit yet keep the grittiness to it for exfoliation. Once u add the water its changes the green to a lighter green, more milky green. I love this cleanser,it’s has done wonders on my skin since the first wash. About a year ago, i had a spot on my right cheek,and it left behind a nasty scar. Nothing i did helped get rid of it. Since using Herbalism,the scar has lightened. This doesn’t leave my face feeling dry and stretchy, My skin feels fresh, well cleansed and soft. The Rice bran in the cleanser is the exfoliator, it’s a soft and gentle exfoliator that can be used everyday without leaving  the skin red, sore and dry. There are times when i even use it as a face mask. I have seen change in the way my skin looks and feels since using Herbalism.

(Quick Shout out to the Wonderful Sam for putting this beautiful product together)

It does have a fragrance to it. With every other lush product fragrances,you either like it or you don’t. With Herbalism,i like the smell it has. My pot has a shelf life of 3 months, which is pretty quick to be honest,but the amount i have been using i might finish it before that date. So it pretty much depends on how much u use,to take the shelf life as a pro OR con.

Hope you found this review helpful. WOuld love to know in the comments below if you have every tried Herbalism or plan or getting it anytime soon.


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