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Pamper sessions are always the best time of the week for me. I love pamper nights, and being a mum of two, pampers nights really helps me not to forget about myself. I take pamper nights pretty seriously.

Getting into the mood i light a candle. No pamper night is complete without a candle being lit. Am not very picky when it comes to candles, i just use whatever i have around the house. Get some music on, which is either spotify or magic fm depending on my mood. 

I usually start with my hair. I dont use much hair masks as such, i just prefer a simple hot Coconut Oil head massage,leave it in for about half an hour to an hour max. Since i have dry hair, hair masks usually tend to dry my hair down even more. Do you know of a hair mask that is perfect for dry hair? Would love to know your suggestions. Thank You. While my hair is soaking in all the goodness of the coconut oil, i just sip on a cup of tea and listen to my music, scroll through instagram or maybe watch youtube videos. 

Once i am done with my hair i move to my face. Starting with a slight cleanse down using the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water with a cotton pad. Once done,using a face towel or muslin cloths i like to soak it in warm water and warm my face,which helps to open out my pores. If there is anything i love in a pamper session its facemasks. I prefer to use my cleansers as a mask most times. My current favourites are a mix of Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser & Herbalism. i mix the two into a paste and rub it into my skin for a minute or so and then leave it on to sink into my skin and do what it does best. 

No pamper session is complete with another favourite of mine, Bath Bombs. In all honesty am not much of a bath person, i prefer my showers. However on a pamper night, am all in for a bath bomb. One of my favourite bath bombs are the Sex Bomb Bath Bomb. Lets take a minute to appreciate how beautiful this bath bomb really is. What this bath bomb does is, leaves your skin feeling soft hydrated and floral scented, exactly what i need on a pamper night. 

Once am done with the bath,i move on to taking care of my feet and hands. For my feet i have been using the Argan Oil Deep Moisturising Foot Mask that i got from Poundland. Its a sock with the argan oil extracts in it. So i keep them on for as long as i can. After i remove them i just massage it into my feet,for soft, moisturised ,smooth feet. For my hands i use Love & Light from Lush. I am not very keen on the fragrance of Love & Light, but that’s doesn’t count when the product itself does my hands great. I have been having dry hands lately,and this hand cream has really helped my hands get back to looking normal again.

For my body, its the trusty Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter. From the texture, to the fragrance, to how it feels when on the skin, it is just perfect for a pamper session. It just sinks into the skin with such ease,leaving the skin feeling silky smooth. Apply some vaseline to the lips and thats my body pampering done.

To complete my night, i get my netflix on and watch How To Get Away With Murder. I am so new to this,and i LOVE it. I am only on episode 4, so no spoiler alerts allowed here hahaha. Have u seen it? If you haven’t, you should give it a go.
So this was my pamper session, i did warn you i take this seriously. Hope you enjoyed it. Would love to know if you have tried any of these products ? Or what are the products you like to use for your pamper sessions, i would like to try some new ones. Have a lovely friday and weekend.
For Every Dark Night, There Is A Brighter Day.

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