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Hello Lovelies, today i want to talk about something that we all have a Love Hate relationship with, Makeup Removal. We love it cause, it makes our skin feel clean, fresh and breathable Yet hate it cause its Boring. Why bother with makeup removal when we have baby wipes? I know you wish it was that easy, i wish the same. I dont have the time, don’t like it and cant be bothered to stand at the sink and spend hours trying to get my makeup off. I prefer a quick, easy process yet, a product that does the job correctly. For this i stick with my Favourite Three products, Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, Trilogy Make-Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm & Coconut Oil. 
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
This is the quickest way to remove my makeup. Dab some on a cotton pad and wipes your face clean. I love this stuff, it gently removes all signs of makeup leaving my skin feeling and looking clean, yet, not oily and greezy. Its great for all skin types, including sensitive,as it says on the bottle. I have oily skin, it helps clear off the excess oil from my face without stripping my skin of its natural oils. This can also be used just as a cleanser. I use this every night, not only when i have makeup on. 
Trilogy Make-Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm
I got this,in one of my birchboxes,so was really excited to try this as i had never tried a makeup remover in the form of a balm. At first i was using it completely the wrong way, since i had never used a balm before. I was using it on a wet face and wondering why it was just sliding off without doing anything. Till i read the instructions on how to use this. So u scoop out as much as you require,and rub it between your fingers till it warms up and melts and then just massage your face with this goodness. It simply melts off all the makeup. When removing my mascara,i can feel the mascara come off onto my fingers,which gives me such a happy happy feeling,knowing this balm is doing it right. Once i have finished massaging this into my skin,i take a muslin cloth and soak it in warm water and wipes all the makeup off. This just makes u feel so fresh,and i love the feeling of a warm muslin cloth on my face. With having so many oils as the ingredients ,this really make my skin feeling clean, supple and nourished without feeling dry and stretchy.
Coconut Oil
Coconut oil was discovered when i tried the Benefit  Push Me Liner for the first time. It just wouldn’t budge off my eyelids. I was clueless on how to get this some-what-tattoo-like eyeliner off my lids. A friend of mine suggested coconut oil, and wala, it got the some-what-tattoo-like eyeliner off. This works perfect to get those stubborn little bits that hang on to your lashes and just wont budge. Coconut oil comes in good use at these times. Just a bit on a cuetip, apply it to  your lashes in a downward motion, it not only removes all signs of your mascara but also nourishes  your lashes helping them grow healthy. Two birds with One stone. Coconut oil is a real saviour.
So these are my three favourites. Have u tried any of these? Would love to know what u think and suggest your favourites for me to try out.
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    1. you should give coconut oil a try,you wont be disappointed. i was impressed when i used it for the benefit theyre real liner. and its definitely a cheaper alternative.

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