Is Estee Lauder Double Wear Worth The Hype?

Hello my lovelies, hope you have had a great bank holiday weekend, or just a great weekend if you’re not in the UK. Today i wanted to share my thoughts on  a much talked about product in the beauty world. Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation has been doing the rounds for a while now,and i have been in two minds to get it. Most times what stopped me from getting is that the counters were closed every time i went to get it. Thankfully this month i was able to get my hands on it. Firstly i must mention the Great customer service that was provided by the lady at the counter. I got a testing done, so i could pick the correct shade for me. It turned out i am in shade N42 Spiced Sand. I got the 30ml bottle, priced at £30 (now on sale selling for £27 at Debenhams)
Is it worth the hype??? You bet it is, this is the best foundation i have used till date. Let me tell you why. This foundation does what it says it does. According to the website it is  Long-wearing makeup with 15-hour staying power. Looks flawless and natural. Lasts through heat, humidity, non-stop activity. Won’t change colour, smudge or come off on clothes. Feels lightweight and comfortable. For a look that lasts all day, without touch-ups’ . 
With my oily skin, i struggle to have my foundation last on my skin for a long time. It usually ends up just disappearing or getting wiped away when i blot my oiliness away. With the Double Wear,i don’t have that issue at all. With a good primer undeath and the Double Wear, it keeps my skin, 8 times less oily than any other foundation. I have been using this for the last month,in order to help me get a good enough opinion on it. I have tried it with a foundation brush and a makeup sponge,with both i get a complete flawless finish. It sits on like second skin. It does not leave any streaks, doesn’t settle into any fine lines on my face. I generally don’t apply too much foundation,no matter what the occasion,and with this foundation i dont need much at all. It give a beautiful coverage. Its definitely buildable, but with the coverage it gives, you wouldn’t require much. It helps keep my skin look less oily, it sure is long lasting. I have tested this foundation for an all day coverage, and noticed it cover the few spots on my skin till the end of the day, which would be a good 9 hours. I have noticed,i dont need to blot or powder my face as much as i would with any other foundation. Usually, my chin and the areas around my nose tends to get a bit cakey, however i have not had this problem with this foundation. I cant mention enough on how well it sits on the skin,looking so natural and flawless.  When using this with a makeup sponge, i would advice on applying the foundation onto the skin and then blending it out. I say this cause ,some usually apply the foundation to the makeup sponge and then on the face,with this technique i find it doesn’t blend as well, and you lose out on foundation because it sinks into the makeup sponge more than on your skin.
The only two downsides i see in this foundation,is,that firstly you need to work a bit fast with this as it tends to settle quite quickly,and if u want to touch up with some fondation later on during the day,it just sits and won’t blend as well. Secondly, this is just a personal dislike about it, i prefer a pump foundation, as i am a bit clumsy and tend to pour out a little too much due to it being an open mouth bottle. 
So, Yes this foundation is worth the hype and worth having. I will definitely repurchase this. 
Would love to know your thoughts on this foundation if you have tried it, and if not, have i convinced you enough to try it yourself?
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