Grateful To Be 30

Its my 30th BIRTHDAYYYYYY.  I am finally seeing this day. For as long as i could remember i always wanted to be 30, and noting else. No idea why. Now that its here, i am over the moon. NOt looking forward to 31 thou. Todays post is going to be dedicated to my 30 years gone by. My 30 things i am So Grateful for. 
My Girls
My two girls,aged 5 and 1.6 are the best blessings i have. Looking at them makes me wonder,how i lived so many years without them in my life,at the same time i feel they have been with me every single day of my life. My girls are my world. 
My parents are my backbone. I dedicate who i am today to my amazing parents.
I dont own my home,but make every house a home. I am grateful i have a place to live and keep me safe and warm.
Basic Necessities
Grateful for warm meals , clean water, clothes to keep me warm and cool. These are the basics,but not all are privileged to have them.
Grateful for the education i was provided. Education that has helped me be a better person and use my knowledge for the right reasons.
Grateful for good health that allows me to go on everyday of my life without any problems. 
Being a Woman
I take pride in being a woman. 
Being a Mother
Being a mother is the greatest blessing to a woman. Being a mother makes me who i am, So Grateful for this role.
Grateful for my crazy people. I have a very small group of friends,who are the best in the world. 
Grateful for all the mistakes i have made in life,that have taught me lessons to think before i make decisions and helped me grow stronger. I don’t believe in regrets, only because everything we have done, did bring a smile to our face at the time, so why regret over a smile just because it doesnt make u smile anymore.
Grateful for this wonderful internet that has helped many in so many ways. Helps me stay connected to my family & friends while living in a different country from them.
Grateful for phones, laptops and everything that comes with it. I get to see my parents and my parents get to see the girls thru this beautiful technology created. Can’t imagine life with it,how would people survive living away from family & friends.
Small & Free Pleasure Of Life
Grateful for walks down the park, getting to feed the ducks with my girls. Getting to enjoy nature during beautiful weather. The sunshine & snow falls.
Grateful for this baby. What would life be without Tea? 
Warm Cosy Bed
Grateful for my safe place, my bed. Having a comfy and warm bed to rest after a long tiring day, somewhere to relax and take in all the goodness around you,somewhere to stay on your own and cry your troubles away. My bed is my comfort place.
Grateful for my blog,where i get to be me,and enjoy typing about things i love to talk about and share my views on my favourite topics.
Grateful for the freedom i have to be Me. Freedom to make my own decisions on my life and my well-being.
All My Birthdays Gone By
Grateful for every single birthday i have had so far. I love that, I was able to have so many birthday parties and enjoy them to the fullest.
Birthday Wishes
Grateful for all the birthdays wishes that have been pouring in from the morning. Every wish is a blessing.
I havent got any of my presents yet, but i am so grateful for the ones i am about to get. Cant wait to get them . Nomatter how old u are, presents are always such an excitement.
Grateful for my 30th birthday. A birthday i have waited for, for many years. Grateful for being blessed with 30 years.
Grateful for music, that helps me during happy times and sad times. 
Youtube Workout Videos
Grateful for all the effort people put into videos that helps girl like me stay fit without having to go to the gym.
Recipe Books
Grateful for all the effort put into a recipe book. I owe credit to these really helpful books, that make it possible for me to make delicious meals for my family.

Grateful for being able to capture and save precious memories. 
Hot Water
Grateful for hot water, as i have experienced times when the boiler has decided to die on me during the cold winter days,and i have to wash the dishes with freezing water. I never take hot water for granted.
Imagine no hot water & no heating on a freezing day. I am glad i had these days which has helped me realise the importance of heating and made me grateful to have it.
Makeup & Fashion
I am in no way a beauty guru or fashion ista,but knowing i can have it and use it or wear it the way i want to,makes me grateful. 
My Life
Grateful for the biggest blessing, My Life. I love my life, its not perfect, and i don’t want perfect. I love everything about my life, be it good or bad. It is what it makes me. I wouldn’t want to change anything in my life. Grateful for all my blessing.
My God
Last but NO WAY the least. Just saved the best for last. Grateful for My God,that has blessed me with all of the above and much more. Grateful for my God that has helped me in hard times, guided me in times of trouble, that has given me so much of happiness and has given me the chance to see all the days of my life. 

Thank You so so so so so much for being a part of LalaChicUK. Now i am off to enjoy the rest of my beautiful day ahead.


Be Thankful Always

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