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Hi beautiful, hope you doing well. If you’re on Instagram, Twitter, and watch Youtube videos you will know the latest craze is the Makeup Geek Eyeshadows (MUG eyeshadows like many call it) Makeup Geek is a brand created by the beautiful Youtube Makeup Guru Marlena. Makeup Geek have a range of eyeshadows, foiled eyeshadows, contour powders, pencil liners, pigments, blushers, brushes etc. I have been watching Marlena on youtube for the 4 years or so,she was one of first makeup guru’s i subscribed to. I have been wanting to try out these products for a while as i knew they were nothing but gorgeous,however being made in the US i din’t really know how much it would cost for shipping and how long would it take for delivery. In all honesty i dint even bother to give it a look to check the pricing and delivery times. However a week back i came across a Makeup Geek eyeshadow swatches video by a UK makeup guru and found out that you can actually shop these shadows from a UK website called BeautyBay. Where have i been hiding? How did i not hear about this site before? They have every brand you hear of on youtube and instagram, i was jumping with joy knowing I could shop the same finally. So putting my excitement to the side for a bit, I jumped straight to the Makeup Geek eyeshadows and wanted to buy them all. I had watched so many video on them that I knew I was going to just love them. But like we all know, wanting is not always getting so i settled for less and got these four eyeshadows from Makeup Geek Bitten, Sorbet, Vintage and Cocoa Bear.
 (Top) Bitten , Sorbet
(Bottom) Cocoa Bear ,Vintage
Swatches & Review
Bitten : This shadow is a deep maroon red. It’s a matte shade. it is simply Gorgeous. So beautiful for any season, any occasion.
Sorbet: This shadow is a very pretty peachy pink. In some light it looks more pinkish and in some light it looks more peachy. It beautiful transition colour. Even just on it own over the lid, if your in no mood for makeup yet want some cover up for the eye lids.
 Cocoa Bear
Cocoa Bear : This shadow is a matte reddish brown. A matte shade. Beautiful for the crease, overall basically anyway u want to use it. It’s a beautiful warm colour. Its my favourite out of the four.
Vintage: This is a described as a brown with mauve undertones, to me its more on the mauve side. as u can see in the picture.It’s a matte shade.
 (Left -Right) Cocoa Bear, Vintage, Bitten, Sorbet
These are by far the best eyeshadows i have ever used. The pigmentation is just amazing. The slightest touch of the eyeshadow and you get a could pick up. As i like my makeup minimal i have to be very careful with this cause its so beautifully pigmented. Every video i have watched on these shadows reviewed on how well these shadows blend. When i tried it i was blown away. I have to admit i still havent learnt the trick of blending, so these shadows have made life a walk in the park. They blend with such ease, and do all the hard work for you. My picture swatches don’t do complete justice to the actually shadows,i apologise for that,i tried to get the best i could. With shadows pigmentation and blending are the two main points, when a shadow has them both you cant be asking for more. My MUG collection is noway stopping here. I have to get more of these beauties and definitely need a palette to hold these in place.
Like i said i got these from the website Beauty Bay, each shadow cost me £4.95 each (for the quality its brilliant) you get free 2 day tracked delivery on orders over £15. So perfect i tell u. Will certainly be shopping more from this site. Do you have any MUG shadows? Would love to know you favourite.
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    1. I would highly recommend these shadows. they are beautiful to work with. Cocoa Bear is a gorgeous shade. Which foiled eyeshadows are you looking for, i could do with some help with recommendation 🙂

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