Curious Beauty Buys

Have u seen products on youtube, instagram, blog posts and thought ‘hang on,why haven’t i ever tried out this product before?’ No? Just me ? I can be real boring most times, and rarely experiment with things,including makeup. These are few products i have seen all over social media recently, and thought it high time i try these babies out and see what i think of them.
Primark False Lashes in Intense ,i have wanted to experiment with lashes recently, dint know where to begin. Which ones to buy, how do you pick the correct lashes, how do you apply them, i know nothing about lashes. Seeing them in full and plenty at Primark has always got me to try them,but failed. So this time i was determined to give these a try. For a £1 i wasn’t really going to lose out on much if it dint work for me. I have been religiously watching videos on how to apply lashes , fingers crossed i don’t mess up.
Is it just me or has fixing mist really become a thing lately? Probably every brand has come up with this one product. Curious to know how it works, i settled for the MUA Pro-Base Fixing Mist for starters. I am yet to use it and test this product. With my oily skin, my makeup does tend to slide off on hot days. So i shall put this to the test and get an idea of how well this works. 
Coming to lips, Lip Butters have done their rounds of fame in the beauty world, and to no surprise i haven’t tried any yet. Collections have been doing really well with their products and i have been moving alot to their counter lately. Seeing the lip butters i had to grab one. I picked up  Work The Colour Matt Lip Butter in Marshmallow Pink. A beautiful coral pink. Really excited to try out this beauty and see what the fuss is all about.
Staying with lip products, this isnt a first time buy but thought id put this into the post as well,as it is a new buy. Its the Rimmel Exaggerate lip liner in 003 Eastend Snob. I love these lip liners, they are creamy, so it just glides onto the lips. I love that these are retractable liners,as i hate the ones u need to sharpen as they do tend to scratch the lips a bit. I am lovings shades of pink lately so another to the collection. 
This last product on my list is a face cleanser. I had run out of face cleanser so while i was out there to buy one,i thought why not try the lush cleansers as i had never tried any of their face products before. I have tried the hair and bath bombs but never the face products. So this was definitely another curious buy. Herbalism is a face & body cleanser with ingredients like almonds, rosemary and rice vinegar extract, sage oil and chamomile blue oil. The rice bran and ground almonds help exfoliate the skin while the other ingredients help to cleanse the skin. So a good two in one.
These were the few i was curious to try out and see what the fuss is all about. Have u tried any of these products? Would like to know what your thoughts are, in the comments down below.
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