Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Crayon :REVIEW

In all honestly I have not seen or heard about these Lip Crayons by Barry M. When i came across these about few weeks ago,I just grabbed it as i love a god matte lip product. Not knowing what i was going to get out of this,I was excited to give it a try. By the looks of it, these lip crayons were launched some time last year 2015. It comes in 5 shades. At the time I wasn’t willing to get more than the one I picked up as I dint know how good or not so good these were,as I had never heard of them. Now that I have been using it for about two weeks (EVERY SINGLE DAY) I do intend on getting the other shades. 
As you can see in the picture I have already used quite a bit of this product already as i cant get enough of it. A matte lip product is either a hit Or miss , there is just no in-between for me. Thank fully i can this is a big time Hit for me. These lip crayons are chunky lip pencils with a twist up style. These lip crayons are well pigmented. It doesn’t dry the lips like MANY matte lip products do. Either they way to drying,wherein they literally peeling of your lips or just not matte at all. They do not bleed  Thankfully these lip crayon are matte with a creamy texture,so they feel nice an soft on the lips and glides on with such ease. Another brilliant point about this product is,that it is long lasting. I could wear it for a good few hours before I need a touch up. The shade I have is Dress Rehearsal  A beautiful pinky brown nude. Funnily when swatching on your hand,it can tend to have a bit of a shine,but when on the lips its a beautiful matte. I do not use any lip liner with these. So perfect for those moments when u just need to apply some colour and run out. At the price of £4.99, this is brilliant stuff. If you haven’t tried this product yet, try and get one they next time you are your high-street drug store. You wont be disappointed. 

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