Mini Drugstore Haul

Hello all you beautiful people,and welcome back to my blog. I have a mini haul up for you today. I had no intentions on buying any of this stuff besides my eyebrow pencil,which i run out of very very quick. But we all know what its like,when we enter a makeup store, its just so difficult not to buy more than just what you need. Besides the eyebrow pencil,i have not tried any of these products before,so i am really excited to try them out and hope they fall into my ‘love this makeup’ category. 
Starting with the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation, this is such a raved about product,that i thought it was high time i gave it a go . I got it in the shade Soft Beige, i am really curious and excited to try this product. I can be very picky with my makeup,if i like a certain product i love,i will not try out any other product but the one i love. For foundation i have been using the Maybelline Fit Me foundation for the last 2 years, and haven’t tried any other foundation besides that. So getting a new foundation after such a long period is a complete new adventure for me. Alot of youtubers and bloggers swear by this drug store foundation,fingers crossed i can join in.
My next product,i don’t have much information about it as i have not seen nor heard about it before,so i am clueless of how new or old it is. Its the Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Crayon. I have used it and i LOVE it. i am going to do a full review on it real soon,so not saying much here,come back to the blog for more. I really don’t know why not many have spoken about them,they are great. Must get more colours of these. Full review coming soon.
This is another product that i have heard,watched and read so much about. Such a loved product by many, a holy grail for a lot of makeup lover . Just had to give it a go,its the Maybelline Anti Age Eraser Eye Concealer. Never tried,just know its a high rated product and am expecting alot from it. 
Like i said when i love a certain product i just refuse to try another thing else but what i love. So for a very long time now i have been using the Rimmel Stay Matte face powder,however of late for some weird reason i am starting to have a love hate relationship with it. So when i was buying this few bits i thought id give another mattifying face powder a try,that’s when i came across the Maybelline Matte Maker. On coming back home i watched video and read blogs on this product and it has quite good reviews. So fingers crossed this gets on my good list. Anything that mattifies my oily face is always a best friend for life.
I love moisturisers,I have used many different ones.Have tried out all different kinds of ones,but always had a favourite that i run back to. That is the Superdrug Vitamin E skin care moisturiser. So when i saw they had a new one out with Manuka Honey in it,there is no way i was goign to walk away without getting it. The smell itself is amazing. I have already used it since i got it and i am so in love with it. 
When it comes to nails,the first counter i run to is Barry M. I use to love the MUA nail varnishes but now i am a complete Barry M Gelly Hi Shine nail girl. So there was no way i could not get another one from their collection. The shades, finish, is such so brilliant. This shade is in Almond. 
My next product is a brow pencil,i really don’t know why many don’t talk about it,including the brand itself. I don’t see much talk about how good it is. Its the Makeup Revolution Arch & Shape Ultra Brow.  Its the first brow pencil i have ever used, and its the only brow pencil i have ever used. This is my 4th or 5th pencil i have bought, they do run out real quick,but they don’t make me miss or make me want to try out any other brow pencil. I love this product.
Lastly,is a Dry Shampoo, its the Batiste Dry Shampoo. In all honesty i just cant remember if i have used a dry shampoo before or not, But i really wanted to give it a try. I cant really see myself using it much, as i would prefer washing my hair than anything like this in it. But yes we all have those days when we just cant wash our hair for whatever reason,and having an alternative could be helpful. So looking forward to see what this does,and how well it does. 
So that’s it for a mini drugstore haul. Have u tried any of these products?
Leave a comment below and let me know if you have and what u think of it.
P.S: i am in the process of moving to a new place,so hence the lack of posts. Trying my hardest to keep posts coming in as much as possible,but if i cant this is the reason for my delayed posts. Thank You so much for reading my blog,it means alot. 

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