Three Things

Hello and welcome back to my blog. Hope you have had a great weekend,and all set for the coming week. I sure am. Got a busy week ahead,and so looking forward to it. Todays post is an inspiration i got from a blog i follow and love so much. Am pretty sure you follow this blog already,but if you don’t here it is, go give it a follow. You will love every post of theirs. Cupcakes & Cashmere. Emily does a weekly post on Five Things. Five of some of the beautiful bits and bobs that she has appreciated that week. Cause i love those posts so much,i was inspired to do a similar post. Mine is Three Things. Since my blog is centered on Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle,i thought id pick one favourite of the each for the week and put them in a post and share it with you. 
The Three Things that won me this week are my Big woolly scarf, Velvet Teddy lipstick & Family Life Book planner. 
Big Wooly Scarf
 If you live in the UK you would know how cold it has been these past few weeks. This is that one item that kept me really warm this week. I usually have a draw with all my scarves and i pick them according to my mood or outfit,but this week all i went for was this wooly one. I was gifted this so dont much about where it’s from or how much it cost. 
Velvet Teddy
 Such a favourite for many. I have worn this most days this week. I just love the colour, the texture and the finish. It made it on my current favourite lip colors. I talk more about it on my recent post, Going Nude if you missed it.
Family Life Book
One of my new year resolutions is to be more organised this year. This book has done it for me. This entire week of mine has been very impressive. There is so much more in this beautiful planner. I do have a full review on it,if you would like a read.  
Hope you enjoyed this post. Have a great week ahead.

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