My Current Winter Essentials

If you live anywhere in the UK you would how the temperature has had a sudden drop. Here in London we have seen temperatures of up to -5 in this last week. So we need everything that can keep us warm and snug. With this current weather situation i thought id put together all my Winter Essentials in a post. 
Starting off with my Big Snugly house coat. This was one of my Christmas presents. Its the softest and cuddliest thing i have ever used. Its huge and so fluffy,it almost works as a blanket. I have worn this every single day this winter. Its the first thing i grab as i wake up. This has definitely kept me warm and cosy during these freezing days. 
My second essential has to be the Raspberry Rich Body Butter by NSPA. I got this from ASDA. The smell is simply delicious. No,i haven’t tasted it,but you know by that smell it is  just delicious. Its thick in consistency like any body butter. It sinks into the skin so quick and just keep your skin so moisturised , soft and smelling real good all day long. I love body butters,i always have one no matter what the season or weather, this has to be my favourite at the moment. 
Scarves are in general a must have for me most of the year. Every winter i end up buying two or maybe even three scarves. Why? Cause I just love them. This one here is my all time favourite. Its always the first one i go to when  temperatures drop. It even made it to my Three Things post last week. Its long, soft, woolly, and keeps me super warm. 
Caps are must have for me during winter, reason being i get terrible headaches and earaches if my head and ears are exposed to the cold. I don’t really have much winter caps, just about two. This is been the one I have been using mostly this time around. I don’t remember where i got this from,as i have had it for a while now. Even perfect those bad hair days.
My next essential are my gloves. My hands tend to freeze the most and the quickest,so having gloves is always on my list. This is one item i even tend to lose so easily. I usually buy my gloves from Primark. The ones i had before this were also from primark,which had touch screen tips. They were super soft and kept my hands really warm. I lost them. My current ones are also from primark, got two pairs for £1.50. Isn’t that the best deal? These gloves are beautiful. If you are looking to get gloves,check out the primark ones. Mind you,you could get something that doesn’t really do all that,but most times their gloves are really worth it.
Iv never really been a Boots kinda girl. But when i got these for Christmas, i fell in love with them. They just did so well for me this weather. Now i have come to realise nothing better than a good pair of boots for such freezing temperatures. 
Barry M Black Cherry, isn’t really an essential but cause I love it SO much and have worn it almost  everyday this winter,i just had to include it in this post. It can get quite difficult to find the right shade of Cherry nail varnish. This one by Barry M is by far the best shade you could get for Cherry as you can see in the picture. The high shine gloss effect is gorgeous on its own. 
Lastly but definitely not the least is my Cup Of Tea. No matter what the weather and temperature my cup of tea is always an essential. there is no way i cant add this to my Current winter essentials. 
Hope you liked this post. Would love to know your winter essential down below in the comments.

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