Going Nude

Lets not get carried away, am here to talk about my current favourite lip shades. The title did get you thou 😀 For most people lipsticks shades change with weather and season,but for me most time i tend to stick with certain shades. I dont have a huge collection of lip products,but the few i have turns out are mostly different shades of nudes. So thought id show you my favourites. They are a mix of lipsticks and lipliners.

 Starting with lipliners,all three are from the Primark beauty range. Unfortunately they don’t have any names on them, but just a number. PS lip liner pencil in 2675 601 (sorry if these numbers mean nothing at all) am just trying to give as much information as i can so you can go get one if you like them. Its a pink nude. I would say a mix of peach and pink. Very pigmented for a lip liner. I love the texture of these liners, they creamy, blendable and long lasting. There are times when i use these lipliners all on its own as a lipcolour. Thats how much i love them. They cost only £1. Which is incredible. The second lipliner is in number 2675625, this is a brown nude. Exactly the same quality as the one above. these colours compliment my skin tone really well. Next time you are in Primark i would suggest you check these lipliners out if you haven’t already. you will not be disappointed. The third product from the PS Beauty range is the Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon,sadly i don’t have a number for this. It’s a pink shade. It’s gorgeous. It says it’s matte,but its not. It has a bit of sheen to it. Am not complaining. Its the shade that has me. I usually wear this and then dab it lightly with the tip of my finger to give it more of a natural look. These three are my go to lip liners for sure.

(Left – Right 2675 601, 2675 625, Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon)

Coming to lipsticks, i have three that i am loving. They are Warm Me Up by Maybelline, Kitty by Model co, and Velvet Teddy by MAC. Warm Me Up by Maybelline,was the first lipstick i had ever bought, and this is my third one since. I can’t let go of this lipstick no matter what, as you can see by the picture its almost run out again. This is that one product i come back this on most days. It’s such a creamy texture,leaves your lips feeling moisturised . Most times when my lips feel dry i prefer to use just some vaseline/lip balm. On such days if i want some colour,i just get this baby on. It’s a nude pink mauve. Has a lovely sheen to it. Second lipstick being Kitty by Model co. I got this lipstick with my birchbox,when i got it i was hesitant about the colour. For some weird reason when i saw the shade i felt it would make my skin look washed out, it would not match my skin tone. I was so wrong about that. Its a brown nude. When i applied it for the first time,without a word of lie i admired it on my lips for a good 5 to 10 minutes. I just fell in love with this shade. The creaminess of this lipstick is another beauty. It simply just glides on,i don’t bother with a lip liner when using this. When i put a picture of it on my instagram, i got quite a few comments saying how beautiful they thought it was. Lastly but definitely not the least is Velvet Teddy by MAC. A favourite for many. Initially i dint like this shade at all. Yes,you read that right, i dint like Velvet Teddy. I felt the shade dint match my skin tone. In time i realised how blind i was. I have got compliments on this lip shade, i have been asked what shade it was. Thats when i realised how good this shade looked on me. Its a matte brown. Being matte it doesn’t leave my lips dry at all. It is long lasting, longer than any other lipstick i own. It a perfect everyday shade. By going with loads of reviews on this shade, its a shade for all skin tones.

(Left – Right: Maybelline Warm Me Up, Model co Kitty, MAC Velvet Teddy)

So these were my favourites at the moment. Do you own any of these? Would love to know your thoughts on them or if you plan on trying out any of these.


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