Family Life Book 2016 Planner by Organised Mums : REVIEW

So I wanted to be a bit more organised this year and thought why not make things easier with a planner. Came across a huge range of  Beautiful Planners. If you’re not a part of the planning community you don’t know how beautiful of a planner you can get. Planners are no more just a book with dates and lines to jot down information. Planners are much more than that. So while looking around I did come across many beautiful planner. What caught my attention was the Family Life Book by Organised mums.



It Includes
1: Week to view 16 month diary (August 2015 – December 2016)
2: 288 reminder stickers
3: Pages for monthly plans and budgets
4: Detachable shopping lists
5: Christmas & Summer holiday planning
6: Separate address book
7: Handy back pocket


The Cover of the book is pretty sturdy, it will keep your book together and won’t fall a part easily. The coil rings are sturdy as well. My problem with the coil in general is , I tend to fold a book/pad when writing and with coil rings the page tend to slip out so AM not to happy about that. I don’t blame the book for it but myself cause knowing I have that habit I shouldn’t have chosen one with coil rings. That is my only issue with it.
The book starts with a page of personal information like name, address, phone number and email, in case you misplace it, it’s just easier for it to be returned to you.

You have a page for useful numbers like Doctor, health visitor, dentist, optician, NHS direct, police etc.


A full mini version calendar for 2015 & 2016.


The next is a weekly routine section which divided into 7 columns for up to 7 people. So each person in the family or your weekly pattern has a column to its self. Each columns has its sub section for AM routines, PM routines, after school and evening. Very well organised , so easy to give every routine it’s well deserved space. It runs from Monday through Sunday.

Then starts the monthly section which also come with 7 columns for 7 people/routines. So each person in the family has a section of their own. For example mine has a section each for my girls, myself, home, blog and other/family.

Beside that u have a section for weekly meal plans. So you can plan your meals for each day of the week and have them all in one book. I love the idea of this meals section, you literally have everything in this one page. So there is no searching for where u have mentioned this, that or the other. You easily have it all in this one section. It has a To Do list beside it for the week. And a mini To Do list for next week.

The pages come with a mini monthly calendars at the top and the number of the week your in. For example the month of August 17-23 is the 34th week of the year.
The week to view diary is from August 2015 – December 2016.
Monthly Planning Pages

This consists of a To Do list for the entire month with check boxes at the side. A budget page for your bills , which include rent/ mortgage, electricity, heating, telephone, Internet,groceries etc. An incoming and outgoing page with date, detail , in and out amount and balance.

Christmas & Holidays
A page for your Christmas plans , Christmas budget ,Christmas cards, Christmas presents and Christmas shopping. This is definitely helping me this Christmas to be organised.




Summer holidays planner has Monday to Friday columns with notes.
There is a page each for Thoughts and Plan for 2016 and 2017 .
Three detachable shopping list on each page with enough space for your shopping. This is such an excellent idea, I simply love this. Not only can u write down your list but also detach it and take it along with u without destroying your book in anyway. It has 17 pages with 3 detachable lists on each page which give us a total of 51 sheets of shopping lists. That’s incredible.




2017 & 2018 mini calendars for the years to come.



Handy pocket book with Address book & Stickers

The pocket book is firm and sturdy. There is perfect for lose paper or items to keep related to your planner. The address book is section according to alphabets. The stickers are just too cute. They were such a plus point. With the planning community being so huge and so beautiful these stickers add such a lovely pretty touch to your planning. The stickers consist of activity, back to school, go on holiday, doctor, vet, beautician, MOT, Car tax, meeting, day out, night out, party, birthday special day and etc.





As you can tell the planner is really self explanatory on how to use it. I just love how everything is already organised for me. I have all all the information I require in this one book. As a mum I can get a bit lost sometimes with what I need to do, what I need to get. I do have a shopping list pad on my fridge,and a note pads for other important reminders but knowing I can have it all in one book is perfect for me. I am a newbie to planners and a fan already. While doing my research I found loads of different planners out there to suit your preference. For me personally I feel this is just got the correct amount of information and pages needed. It’s got my monthly reminders, to do list, weekly meal planning, budgeting, Christmas and holiday details all in one book. What more could I ask for? I would have asked for stickers but guess what it comes with it. Would highly recommend this to anybody looking for a planner. It cost me only £12.99 and for that price it is brilliant. I bought it from the website mollieandfred .With the amount of planner video I have been watching I am highly tempted on decorating my planner so chances are a planner decorating post could be on its way. So excited to have joined the planning community. Hope u found this post helpful,apologise if it’s too long a post, but I just had to do justice to how beautiful and well put together this planner really is.

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