Whats On My Tree

These are my favourite kind of posts to read and videos to watch on YouTube?anybody else as inquisitive as me? Your Christmas Tree is the first thing anybody notices in your house during this season. Some love it loud and some love it simple. Some spend thousands on it some prefer it not to over the top. This is my simple Tree that’s been growing since last year. Now that my daughter is four she is getting more into decorating the tree and helps pick ornaments for it.  Let get to the post and have a look at Whats On My Tree

Crochet Angel
Reindeer & Christmas Tree Bauble (Garden Centre)
Garden Centre
White Bird : Garden Centre
Angel : B&Q
Angel Bauble : Chickidee
Snowman : B&Q 
Bauble : Poundland
Feather in a Heart Bauble : Poundland
Santa : B&Q
Soldier : B&M
Reindeer : Garden Centre
Reindeer : Garden Centre
Santa : B&M
Do you have a post, video or Instagram picture of what’s on your Tree? Comment down below with your link,id love to have a look at what you have on your Tree.

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