Gift Wrapping Ideas

With all the joys of Christmas comes the horrid moments of wrapping presents. I hate it. I am terrible at it. I wish I didn’t have to wrap presents. Since i have terrible wrapping skills i thought why not add some creativity to cover for it and make wrapping presents more of a fun thing to do. I have been loving the brown paper look this year,so it was perfect to use for my presents. My Christmas Tree ornaments are what gave me inspiration for these ideas. They really simple and take very little time to do. Hope you like these idea i came up with.
1: The Cracker 
Wrap your present and pinch the two sides to give that cracker shape.
Tie up the pinched bit with twin or ribbon of choice.
To add a bit colour,i took a thin strip of this red wrapping paper and taped it to the centre.
To match my cracker even more i added a bit or drawing 🙂
2: Pine cone
In all honesty i have no idea what i did here,but i love how it turned out. I wrapped up the present and left an extra bit at the top, tied it with twin and snipped the ends to form strips. Am just going to blame the red pine cone ornament i have on my tree for this idea.
3:The Gold Bauble 
For this, you need Glitter or paint in the colour of your choice, a paint brush (got this from the pound shop) and a throw away plate for the glitter.
Using the brush i just added gold spots on the top of the present to look like baubles.
 Since i dint have red glitter i used pink to create gold and pink baubles.
4: Snowflakes
My next present, i just used this pretty snowflake ribbon i got at the Tiger store for £1.
Just placed the ribbon horizontally and vertically across the present.
 And added the Star tag that i have used for all my presents.
5: Mix & Match
 For this you require two different types of wrapping papers. Wrap up the present using one of the papers.
Take the second one and cover half of the present to add that extra touch.
These were my few ideas i came up with,hope you liked them. If you do use one of these ideas i would love to know. Comment down below or tag me to your instagram picture with #wrappingwithlala

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