Christmas Picture Checklist

Taking pictures has become a part of everyday life,just like brushing your teeth. As a mum i have learnt (the hard way) that not everything goes as planned. Most times i plan on taking certain pictures and completely forgot to do so. Now remembering to take all these pictures eventually is a different story,but am going to try my best to do so. So here is a little checklist for myself

  1. Tree: As a mum having a child proof tree is the best thing i could possible do. By child proof i mean the top half of the tree decorated & the bottom half left empty. No brownie points for guessing why. So taking a picture of my Tree completely decorated is a must.
  2. Ornaments: Every year we all get to pick one new Christmas ornament which goes onto the tree. So getting a picture of this is a must for me,as it goes into the Christmas album for that year.
  3. Unopened Presents: I get this idea from my mum. My mum has pictures of my brother and me sitting with all our unopened presents and it looks so adorable. I forgot to get a picture of my daughter last year,so this has to be on my checklist this year.
  4. Opened Presents: Before running to clear up all the wrapping paper,a picture is a complete must.
  5. Family Pictures: With so much happening on this day getting everybody to be in a picture can be quite difficult. So getting a picture before the fun begins is another on my list.
  6. Christmas breakfast: As a child i always remember my dad making Christmas breakfast as special and grand as Christmas lunch. Clicking a picture of my breakfast is as important as the Big Grand meal to follow.
  7. Christmas Lunch/Dinner: There is noway i could forget to get a picture of this for Instagram.
  8. Picture With Santa: This is probably the hardest picture to get,but no harm in trying. With all the excitement of seeing my babies enjoying with Santa, i completely forget i have 2 minutes of Santa time and end up coming out without a picture.
  9. Starbucks Coffee Shot: How could i forget this one. 
  10. OOTD/OOTN :Last but not the least a perfect Outfit of the Day picture.

Can never go wrong with a checklist. Are you gonna have one written down? Let me know if u do,what you would add into yours. Help me with some ideas if i have missed out on any important ones.


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