So it’s been a real long ,long time since I have blogged. Life has kept me really busy and away from this little space of mine. Am back,and finding a way to get more active here. I won’t bore you much with my dispersing,will keep that short and simple.
Today I want to talk about a hair product I have been loving. It is the Body Shop Ginger Shampoo. It for dandruff and itchy scalp. I don’t suffer from dandruff but I do tend to get an itchy scalp and slight flakiness at my hair line. This gets really embarrassing as it does appear to be dandruff,and we all know that’s not a very attractive sight. I tend to get this itchy scalp and flakiness during the colder months only. I have tried many different DIY’s and products to help sort this issue out,but all have failed. One day on Instagram I came across this product,with a short description and a good review on it. Reading that,I,just had to give it a try. Didn’t have anything to lose by trying out another product. To my good luck, its worked like a charm. From the very first wash, I saw results. I mean it,from the very first wash , the itchy scalp and flakiness had instantly vanished. I could go without a hair wash for 3 days and still, have a clear healthy looking scalp. I just fell in love with it,and couldn’t believe it gave such excellent results.
This shampoo not only tackles dandruff, itchy scalp, or flaky scalp it also leaves your hair feeling really cleansed and fresh. Since using this shampoo,I have noticed I can go thru with day three of not washing my hair and sometimes 4 days. I haven’t used a shampoo yet that does this.
It’s a Ginger extracted shampoo. Ginger has natural antiseptic properties that perfectly fight dandruff. Being ginger extracted,you would expect strong ginger fragrance from it,but it isn’t. The fragrance is minimum and sweet. At £4.50 this is the perfect steal. I haven’t heard or read about this product much,I really wish more people know about this product. Give it a try if you have dandruff, an itchy scalp or flakiness,trust me you won’t be disappointed. I use it twice a week and been using it since august and still have a little more than half a bottle left,so worth it.
Hope you found the review helpful. Would love to know your thoughts on this if you have used it or plan or using it.
Till my next post,

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