Christmas Traditions With Family & Kids

Since being a mum, i have always tried to build on certain traditions for my family & kids. Christmas being one of the most favourite festival of the year,its the best time to create some. So last year i did a little research on ideas i could recreate and call ‘Our Family Traditions’. I have grown up enjoying some of these traditions,which i am so happy to pass on to my kids. There is no such rule with these traditions being strictly for kids. You can mix,match and mash up according to your likes. Create them with your best friend, sibling, spouse, boyfriend/ girlfriend. Just have fun and make it a merry time. Getting down to the post,i hope i can help you recreate one or more of these traditions and make them your own.

  • Advent Calendar (Chocolate) : With these being so easily available,its just a must have for kids and everybody at home. I personally know adults who buy some for themselves too (talking about myself here). A chocolate a day til Christmas,what better Christmas Countdown than this.  
  • Advent Calendar (Presents): While looking for Christmas presents last year i came across a lot of beautiful bits and bobs i wanted to get for my girl. Thats when i came up with the idea of doing the advent calendar with presents. This is not the one to go crazy with,cause its 24 presents we talking about. Unless you really want to. For me its little bits that are useful for daily use,like a hair clip, a pencil, colour pencils,an eraser. The idea is to build up on the excitement for the Big One. My girl loves this. You could even do this for just the last 10 days. 
  • Christmas Eve Pyjamas Party. Time to pull out your favourite Christmas themed pyjama set. Be it a new one or your old favourite. Put them on,get your favourite hot drink be it tea,coffee or a hot chocolate and get your party started. For my girl and me its a movie, cookies and running to the window every now and then waiting for Santa to arrive. 
  • Elf on the Shelf: I love this one,its a favourite for my girl and me. I came across this one years before i had my daughter and couldn’t wait till i had my babies to create beautiful memories with this tradition. I picked up my Elf from the Tiger store. You can get them on eBay and Amazon. The Elf is basically Santa little helper,who has come home to keep an eye on your little one,making a list of the good & naughty kids. Every night he goes back to North Pole to let Santa know about the good and naughty kids. Best time to get the kids to be on their best behaviour. He comes back every morning sitting pretty in a new spot in the house watching the kids. So the fun bit is you get to place him in different places in the house,and let your child look for him. A little hide and seek game. Elf goes out with us too,to the markets, nana house,in the car,on the buses. On Christmas Eve he goes back to North Pole and brings Santa home with the presents.  Look out for a post on ELf On The Shelf Ideas. 
  • Letters To Santa: I am pretty sure most of you have done this at some point in life. Make your list of presents you would like. This can be personalised in so many ways. Let your child write whatever comes to mind. Its their time to convince Santa. 
  • Cookies & Milk for Santa and Carrots for Rudolph: This is probably my favourite,as you can guess who gets to eat the cookies 🙂 My daughter picks her favourite cookies for Santa,with a cup of milk for him and a carrot for the Reindeer so they can have a bit of a snack while dropping off all those presents.   
  • Christmas Cake & Tea at Midnight: I have grown up with this tradition. At midnight my dad cutting the cake and mum making the tea. We wish each other have a slice or two of cake with a hot drink and spend that special moment with each other. Now that i live in another country from my mum and dad i do this with my daughter.

So these are my fun traditions with my girls. Hope you can pick one or more and try them with your family and make them your own. Christmas is all about Love, Happiness and Care. Take this time out to show that extra bit of love to your family,friends and people around you. I would love to know if you have any special traditions you follow.


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