Welcome to my Part 2 of Best Of Birchbox series. I love this part of my Birchbox. With makeup products i tend to stick with only certain brands and don’t really experiment with others,so when i get makeup products with my Birchbox its that perfect time to try something new. You get a real good range from makeup, makeup bases and nail varnishes. These are a few of my favourites,i wish i could add them all.

eyeKO FAT Liquid Eyeliner: Now when it comes to eyeliners i have a seriously Love-Hate relationship. I Love eyeliner but Hate when i have to apply it. I have tried,liquid,gel and felt tip liners. However when i received the eyeKo FAT liner it was something i had never tried before. The felt tips i have used were the thin tip. The tip is chubby compare to the regular felt tips. For somebody that struggles with eyeliner, i am not complaining about this chubby tip,as it gives me much more help with application. I can easily just dab it really close to my lash line and that’s 90% of my work done. Its highly pigmented. I feel i have more control with this pen,its easier to handle. Worth getting product.

Benefit Roller Lash: This product doesn’t need much of an introduction. Receiving this in my Birchbox was the happiest moment for me. It is by far the best mascara i have ever used. I have the worst eyelashes ever. So getting it to hold a curl is the hardest of things for me. With the Roller Lash thankfully i don’t need much help in keeping my lashes lifted . Just with one coat i can see a difference in my lashes. This is one mascara every girl needs. The bristles catch on to every lash giving it its individual lift and curl.

Jane Iredale Pure Lash: This product was made with my eyelashes in mind. With just a single coat of Pure Lash on my lashes, before i apply mascara take my lashes to a whole new level. Makes me look like i have falsies on. Adds length and thickness. Its a primer to your mascara. Many use it on a daily use to as a lash treatment to get length and thickness,i personally haven’t tried that yet. I use it only when i apply mascara. Having read other reviews its an excellent way to get thicker lashes if used everyday for a month or so. Personally as a primer it really does wonders for me.

Pop Beauty TRIO EYESHADOW: This is the Peach Parfait palette by Pop Beauty. All three are shimmer shades. I would describe the three colours as a champagne, a natural bronze and a darker bronze.  A very pigmented palette. Works perfectly as a day time palette that can be easily added for a nighttime look. Comes with a little applicator. Very easy to carry around in your makeup bag as its small in size.

LORD & BERRY Blush: I am not a blush girl. So there was no special excitement when i got this product. With the colour being so beautiful there is noway i was gonna let this go by. I have tried it as a blush and i must say it dint scare me away. It blends in so well. The colour of the blush looks loud and scary (specially when u don’t apply blush) but it isn’t when applied. If you get what i mean. Since i am not a blush girl like i said, i use it as an eyeshadow. Such a gorgeous shade for the season.

Jelly Pong Pong Glow Getter: A luminizer gel. This is a highlighter i am been loving lately. It comes in a little bottle with a brush,making it easy to just dab onto your cheekbones. You could blend it using either a brush or fingers,i personally prefer my fingers,as it helps warm up the product a bit making it easier to blend. When blended well,it gives a beautiful soft sheen. It does have a bit of glitter in it,so its does great for a night out.

Hope u liking my little series,i am sure enjoying it.


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