Best Of Birchbox – Part 1 SKINCARE

Reading my previous posts you would know i am a Birch box subscriber. Birch box is a beauty box subscription where in you get a box with Haircare, Skincare & Beauty product every month. Since i have been with Birch box for a year now,and i have been wanting to do a post on my favourites from all of my 12 boxes i have received. With so many favourites i decided to divide it into Skincare Haircare & Beauty. Starting with Skincare these are some of my favourites. I say some only cause i have finished quite a lot of my favourites and don’t have them anymore to show u a picture of it.

Bioderma: For many Bioderma is the Holy Grail of makeup-removers. I read and heard alot about it but had never tried it. When i received this sample from Birch box i was delighted to finally see why its such a hyped product. To give it a my approval i did a full on makeup look with the darkest of eyeshadow shades and a red lip. Using a decent amount of it on a cotton ball i was able to remove all my eye makeup off from both eyes. a little more on a clean cotton ball to remove the rest of all my makeup. Do i need to praise this little one anymore? Yes this is a product to be all hyped about. A little defiantly goes a long way with it. Once i am done with this sample i will be buying a full size. This is by far the best makeup remover i have ever used. It does even best for those slight mistake u make with your eyeliner,mascara or lipsticks. Just a light dip of a cue tip into the remover and u get a classic clean look. So glad i got to try out this product.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish: This is my all time favourite skincare product. Massage a little of this product onto damp skin ,leave on for few minutes and then gently wipe or massage away with the muslin cloth it comes with and your good to go. Its perfect for those days or night when you feel your skin can do with an excellent spa treatment. Leaves your skin feeling so clean, so fresh and so relaxed. Give you that deep clean you need every now and then. Makes my skin glow.

Trilogy: Another makeup remover in the form of a balm. A beautiful thick balm that just melts onto your skin and just dissolves all trace of makeup. It has coconut oil in it so u can imagine how beautiful this product is. After massaging all over your face you can either rinse with warm water or like me use a muslin cloth soaked in warm water and wipe away. Cause the ingredients have so many different oils in it,this leave your skin feeling moisturised and not dried out.

Rituals Rice Scrub: Compare to so many other body scrubs i have used this body scrub is more watery and grainy. It melts into your skin. The grains are so gentle on the skin yet does what its suppose to do. With many body scrubs the grains can be quite harsh on the skin,it literally grazes your skin. This Rice Scrub is so gentle and relaxing. Soft & moisturise. Being so soft and effective i use it alot for my face.

Laura Mercier Face Polish: This is my very first time trying any product from Laura Mercier skin care range,so i really dint know what to expect. The granules in this polish are a bit abrasive compare to any other face exfoliate or polish i have used. However my skin dint experience any kind of redness or irritation. It leave my skin feeling very soft & well moisturised. I just apply a little to my fingers and massage it onto damp skin and rinse off with warm water.

Dr Jart Tight Effect Toner: This is an oil control toner, sadly i do not see any such oil control done on my super oil skin. I just love how it leaves my skin feeling very refreshed. I used about three pumps of it on a cotton pad and wipe it all over my face after i have cleansed it. It does leave my skin oil free at first but eventually gets oily again.

Eslor Firming Collagen Day Cream: I have loved this day cream so much that even though i have finished it i cant seem to get rid of the pot. It just blends and smooth the skin to perfection. Absorbs into the skin fast. Being a thicker cream surprisingly it agrees with my oily skin. While using this day cream my skin was at its best behaviour.

Korres Bergamot Pear Body Milk: This beautiful scented body moisturising milk is heaven. This just sinks into your skin almost immediately ,leaving it feeling so soft and smooth. With ingredients like Almond oil, Shea butter,Rosemary all you get is super soft skin. This is a perfect size to throw into your bag and have on the go. Being a mum on the go, i love that i can just take this and apply it anytime for smooth and beautifully scented skin.

Do come back for part two of this post which is on Haircare favourites from Birchbox. Have you used any of these products? what are your thoughts on them?


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