Products Not Meant For Me

Isn’t it sad when u buy a product with certain exceptions and it doesn’t keep up to it. Many of these products i have refused to give up on, but sadly they just don’t work for me no matter what i do. So i have eventually given up on these products and sadly say i REGRET buying them.

Maybelline Fit Me Stick

This was the first stick product i had ever used. I was hesitant to get it as i had never tried a cream foundation before,and i was afraid it wasn’t the correct product for my skin that tends to get dry patches. Being a mattifying foundation it got my attention.I have extremely oily skin with some dry patches around my mouth, chin and forehead. I have a detailed review on this product (review). I have tried in many ways to get this product to work with me but it refuses to do so. It stick to my dry patches. I tried a lot to use it as an under eye brightener too but it just clings onto fine lines and looks very patchy. Its the cakeiest foundation i have used.

Maybelline Flawless Foundation

Another foundation that sticks on to my dry patches like a leech. Iv just never liked this foundation from day one. I wouldn’t say its a foundation for dry skin. It makes me face look very cakey,just doesn’t sit right on my skin. This foundation is definitely not meant for my skin. (Full Review).

Garnier Mattifying Cream

A girl with oily skin will grab any product that promises to be mattifying. SADLY when it doesn’t work, it breaks my heart. NO this doesn’t mattifying my skin at all. It feels grainy on the skin when i apply it,making it seem as if it isn’t blended in. After i wash my face,my skin looks dry and non oily, but as i apply this it instantly makes me look like a greased cake tin. I was really disappointed with this, cause i did expect it work on my skin,sadly it dint.

Lush T’eo

When it comes to deo’s i prefer to stick to one brand and the same product. I don’t like experimenting with them. So i have always used dove, however out of no where it started to make my under arms extremely dry and itchy. Am not sure why that happened. So i decided to try out a chemical free deodorant, that’s when i came across the Lush T’eo. It smelt nice, it did what a deo is suppose to do,but it made my underarms very dry and itchy. Infact after the first few uses, the bar started to become abit bumpy. It started to burn cause the bumps were kind of bruising my under arms. To give it another go i powdered it so dint have to rub the bar against my skin directly and it still bruised my skin even in the form of a powder. Sadly another down the drain.

Have u used any of these? Would like to know your thoughts on them.

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