May Favourites 2015

That time of the month again, when i get to share my favourites of the month. I have loved the month of May, sadly its over so quick. This month’s favourites are a mix of old and new products. I actually used all of these products the entire month of may. 

This Strawberry Body Mist i have had for a few months now but never really gave it much thought or love, till this month when i realised how nice it really is. I have had it in my bag at all times. It has a very refreshing fragrance. Only downside it doesn’t really last as long as i would like it to last. Over all i loved it all of this month.

Lola Barcelona, from Birchbox is what i have been wearing all of this month. I just couldn’t get myself to wearing any other colour this month. Its such a pretty pastel with a bit of shimmer. Last long without chipping, and i don’t use a top coat. Perfect summer shade if u love pastels.

All Fired Up from MAC. Ah my love for this product has never decreased since the very day i got it. This is such a gorgeous colour. I have spoken much more about this in an earlier post (REVIEW).

A favourite yet again for the month of may. (Featured in my February Favourites). Gives a beautiful, semi matte finish. Blends into the skin with such ease. More details on this in its REVIEW post.

If u haven’t used this already , u need to give it a go. Its a face sponge/pad i got from Primark. Comes in a pack of two, i use one for my skin care/cleansing routine and the other to clean my makeup brushes. Its like a beauty blender, hard with dry and soft and more manageable when wet. It soft on the skin and leaves your face feeling well cleansed.

 Bronzers are an all time favourite for me. As u can see i have hit pan on this little beauty. Its such a pretty and natural bronzer. Works equally well as a contour. Its by Sleek. Comes with a beautiful blush and highlighter. I am not a blush girl,so i don’t use it, and haven’t got a chance to use it as u can see i have broken it. the highlighter is equally beautiful.

Another bronzer, by Makeup Revolutions. I actually prefer this to my Sleek kit. It gives u just the correct amount of colour and warmth to your skin. For the price it costs it is a great product.

Sleek Matte Me. Its a new product i have been loving. Its a Matte shade, that lasts for a good amount of time. It doesn’t leave the lips feeling dried out, like u would expect from a matte lip product. It feel quite moisturised. LIke any matte lip product u do need to make sure your lips are well prepped. It does create an awkward looking line at the inner portion of your lips which is my only downfall. So i carry it with me for a top up. It doesn’t transfer off when eating or drinking, such a plus point. It comes in different shades, this is called Birthday Suit a pretty nude shade. Would be perfect for trying a Kylie Jenner lip look.

These were my few favourites of this month. Hope u liked it. Whats your current favourites, id love to know.

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