Excuse me what?? June Favourites?? Can this year calm down a tad bit please. Where has this 1st half of the year gone. Well no control over that,so lets just get straight to the post then,shall we.

Simple Cleansing Lotion
I fell in love with this product from the first use. It leaves my face feeling so clean, fresh and alive. After removing my makeup with a face wipe i use this to remove any excess and left over makeup , and it does such an excellent job. The instructions say to use it on a cotton ball but i use it directly with my fingers like i would when using a face wash. Will definitely repurchase this

Maybelline Gel Liner
Since i am still in the phase of learning the art of eyeliner application,i have been trying out alot of different brands, applicators and formulas. Due to which this little beauty got pushed away in some corner till i found it while doing a cleanup and decided to use it. Applying eyeliner has never been easier. As a beginner i would definitely suggest this product . It glides on so smoothly. Lasts really long,in fact on me it last right up till i remove it. Was definitely my go to eyeliner for the month.

eBay Brushes
I have not stopped loving these brushes from the day i have got them. I don’t see the need for me to get any other brushes or high end ones when i have these. These are just perfect. A set of 10 brushes, 5 face and 5 eye brushes, which can actually be used anyways u prefer. For full review on eBay Brushes. I call them the perfect starter kit for brushes which u will cling onto for life.

Birch Box Bronzer
Ah this little beauty. I received this in one of my birchbox boxes, and loved it since. This month it has been the first product i have reached out to when it comes to bronzers. Gives just the correct amount of warmth and works equally well as a contour. Leaves a very natural looking finish.

Benefit Porefessional
I have used primers in the past but never really got the hang of it cause they did nothing on my oily skin or cover up pores. This primer has changed my views. I can now see why its such a hyped product. Having oily skin and not having to powder your skin to get an un-oily face is exactly what this primer gives me. A little goes along way. So glad i got this product.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Heel Repair
Summer means flip flops & sandals. Flip flops & sandals mean perfect looking feet. This leaves my feet not only looking like baby feet but also feeling like baby feet. it soaks into your skin so well and leaves my feet feeling well moisturised for a long time. If u looking for a foot cream try this from primark.

What are your favourites of the month?

Till my next post,

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