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Another eBay bargain worth the hype. This was my initial buy that got me to try out the eBay brushes. For somebody that loves eyeshadow you can never have too much of them, specially when its a palette that has every colour u could think of. These palettes are full and plenty on eBay. I wasnt sure what to expect with this palette. It wasn’t the price that made me fill this way, as you do have excellent drugstore palettes that cost just as much and are excellent quality. My only reason for doubt was that i couldn’t swatch it before i buy it.

On receiving it, it just looked excellent to me. Looked very pigmented even before swatching them. It comes with 120 shades. Ranging from light, colourful, neutrals to dark shades. It just comes with every colour u could think of at the back of your head. The packaging is a simple black case,which isnt very sturdy but isnt very fragile either.

After swatching these beautiful shades, i loved them even more than i thought i could. They are super pigmented. They blend really well. I dont see any difference between this palette and drugstore palette. To be honest i prefer this palette to my drugstore ones,as i find these really pigmented. After all its all about how well pigmented eyeshadows are. As you can see the colours really pop.

This palette was delivered in a week. Cost only £4.99 with free p&p. Could u ask for more? Dint think so. If you are looking for a palette with a variety of colours try these eBay ones. I love them. Would love to know if you have tried any of them and what are your thoughts on it.

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