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To many, makeup brushes are equally important as their makeup and to many they aren’t. I have been addicted to makeup for the last 2 years and since then i have had only about 4 makeup brushes which i have been using for everything from foundation application, concealer, eyeshadow, contour and powder. It did me very well, no complains. Now i think it time for me to get more and experiment with the different brushes out there. Now since i have used only 4 for the last two years,to me you don’t need a ton of brushes,so obviously i wasn’t going to spend a fortune on them. My first option was Ebay brushes, since i have been reading about them, looking at pictures of them on instagram,i thought why not!. Came across this pretty set which includes 10 brushes. 5 face brushes and 5 eye brushes. Thou being brushes you could use them any which way. To me this seemed the perfect starter kit. These beauties were delivered in 5 WORKING DAYS which was excellent.

The packaging was simple bubble wrap, with each brush in a separate little transparent wrapper,which i thought was pretty cool. They weren’t just thrown into a box all mixed up and sent off.

As u can see the 5 face brushes are all differently shaped, meant for different applications.  Each brush is super soft. They did have a slight, very very slight smell to it when they arrived but vanished with the very first wash. Not a single hair strand fell off after the wash. Dried over night and was ready for a first impression.

The eye brushes are designed exactly as the face brushes just being smaller of course. Exactly same as the face ones.

A stippling brush,which actually blends so so so well. I was completely amazed with how well it blends your foundation. Doesn’t leave behind any streaky lines. Just smooth and natural finish. As iv said before its super soft,yet does an excellent job. It my favourite out of the lot. The smaller brush works really well for concealer blending. In Fact there is no rule with how to use these brushes and for what.

This is my second favourite. PERFECT for contour and blush. The slant cut off sits perfectly in the contour area of your face. The smaller one is perfect for contour of the nose. That’s what i use it for.

I use this one to powder my under eye and set my concealer in place. The smaller one works really well as an eyeshadow blending brush. Love how its blend so easily.

I actually haven’t used this brush yet,but have used the smaller one for highlight in the teardrop area. 

That was just a brief way of how i have been using these brushes, but you can use them anyway u want. They all very soft, blend very well. No hair falls out at all. Handle are pretty sturdy too. They don’t feel or look cheap At All. Would definitely recommend this set for a starter kit unless u are looking for a high end brush set. You get them in different colours too. I found these the prettiest, its PINK after all. Last but not the least, the BEST part is the price i paid for the amazing set. It cost only £5.95 with free p&p. How amazing is that. I actually have not found any fault in these brushes. They flawless to me. Let me know if u have tried eBay brushes and whats your thoughts on them. And if u haven’t i think its worth that try, and at that price trust me you will not go wrong.

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    1. Awww i am loving your comments, you are so kind. I stil have these brushes and love them. Till now no shredding or defaults. Thats how great they are. Glad u like my blog, you made my day.

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